‘Alaan’ taken to court for libel in Kuwait

Dr. Saad bin Tifla Al-Ajami - publisher of Alaan.cc Internet newspaper in KuwaitThe Kuwait authorities levied charges of libel against Dr. Saad bin Tifla [translate], the publisher of the first online newspaper in the Gulf – Alaan – citing their Press & Publications Law of 2006. Dr Saad, an ex-minister of information in Kuwait, refuted the charges on the basis that the said law does not specify Internet publications and that as the server is physically in the United States, the Kuwaiti authorities have no jurisdiction over the site and its contents.

I wish Dr. Saad much luck with his case and fully support him and his points of view in this regard. The whole Arab world should seriously reconsider their stances against peaceful freedoms of expression and give up the ideology of control of information. They should come to the realisation that their much trusted “big red switch” no longer functions in this day and age. The quicker they come to that realisation, the better our chances at responsibly integrating with the world.

Attempting to shut websites and continuing to harass their webmasters simply for content they do not agree with is, in fact, one of the quickest ways of being shunned by the modern world.

Our governments seem to not understand that in this dynamic era, this and future generations will not be intimidated by their measures. Respect of basic human rights of which freedoms of express is central, is the only way to true partnership which will fully engage us in the development of our countries and societies.


  1. unJane

    Once again I am annoyed that I have not taken the time to learn Arabic. Surprisingly, the original Alaan article is not blocked here in the UAE, but its English translation is. I wonder what they are afraid of?

  2. J


    your on the internet.. no one can stop you from reading what you want or writting what you want.. use a proxy!

    they are afraid of what they dont know..after many year it becomes a reflex habit!

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