Another border created

Why waste a perfectly good mid-week break celebrating the New Year? Exactly! I woke up early as usual and was itching to play in sand again. I can’t help it, I’m a child at heart 😉

Over by the pool seemed to be a perfect location. I never really liked the strip of grass in front of the Climbers Wall, especially that the area now houses two Washingtonias and as of a couple of days ago a gorgeous large Sterlitzia (Bird of Paradise) which was a gift from my brother’s wife (thanks H!) she brought over for Eid.

That area suffered an attack by the chafer grub and never really recovered sufficiently; it just had this long dry patch right in the centre. Hence, I decided that it is a perfect location to remove the dead patch and replace it with a more interesting border to grow various annuals in. It is still surrounded by lawn grass and it will remain so. The new area measures approximately 5.5m x 1m.

I started by marking out the area by posting a cane at each corner and tying a rope between them. I then dug out the grass:

Pool deck flower border

Once that was done, I mixed in a 50 liter bag of compost and about 100 liters of peat moss and turned that well with the earth to a depth of about 30 – 40 cms:

Pool deck flower border

I then put the edging plastic all around and then sowed some seeds in the new area:

Pool deck flower border

I really wanted sunflowers in this area, but as the garden centre didn’t have any in stock, I opted for a variety of Marigolds instead. So I sowed the taller Crackerjack at the back, a mixture of Calendula “Pacific Beauty” and “Cupid Mixed” Marigolds in the centre, and “Frilly Francais” Marigolds at the front.

Now all that is remaining is to have patience to see the new border come to life.

That’s going to be the hard part, I didn’t get a hang of having patience so far! 😉

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your new year.