Dalal, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This is my most “favourited” picture on my Flickr stream. As I’m about to head out of the door to the same place I took this one, I thought I’d make this the Mtv traditional Friday Photograph!

Have a wonderful – if very windy – Friday my friends…

Keep safe and warm.


  1. Abu Arron

    Windy? Windy?! You should try it over here in London. It’s so bad that one of my chickens laid the same egg three times. 😛 We’ve also got snow forecast.

    Have a great weekend, I will.

  2. Post
  3. A learner of Arabic

    Her name? Is it some kind of “tughra” she is wearing? Well, the first letter from the right seems to be a waw. And the last one could be a lam. But what is there in between?

    You know, if I wouldn’t like calligraphy, this Arabic alphabet would have driven me crazy long ago.

  4. A learner of Arabic

    Dalal? Is that thing supposed to be the letter dal?

    I will never learn Arabic. 🙁

  5. Fid

    nice pic .. hmmm .. you have a lot of fat around ur belly .. you need to exercise more !!
    there is another sweet lady waiting for Dala .. couldn’t you get us a picture of her as well :mrgreen:

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