Delivered a lecture at Princeton University

At Princeton University
lecture at Princeton University

findingourvoice-thumb.jpgAt the invitation of Daoud Kuttab, the visiting Ferris Professor of “New Media and the Arab World” at Princeton University, I gave a lecture to his students this morning about the Middle East Human Rights and Freedom of Expression situations from a blogger’s and political activist’s perspective. This is essentially the same presentation I did at RAND last week, but obviously to a different audience.

The talk was well received and generated many insightful questions by the students.

I’ve uploaded a zipped copy of my presentation (pdf 17MB), click the thumbnail to download it.

We’re having a fantastic time here – very busy actually, but very much worth it. We’re enjoying New York tremendously. I’ve been uploading some pictures on the Flickr album whenever I got a chance, I’ll hopefully upload many more once we get back home.

  • PerseusQ8
    5 March 2008

    Just read your excellent slides. Wished I’d been there 🙂

    Way to go, sir!

  • mdc
    5 March 2008

    Very nice, Mahmood. From a lone blogger voice in the wilderness to guest speaker at Rand & Princeton; you make us proud.

    Now for the really important stuff…..did you get to meet Steve, and is that Ibn standing beside you? 😈 Never mind, too old to be Ibn cause we all know he’s just a babe in the woods.

    Safe trip and hurry back to tell us all about it.

  • mahmood
    5 March 2008

    I met both! And it was a pleasure to put faces to names. Both, I suspect, want to continue to be weighed by their words rather than names and images, so I’m sure you won’t mind if I keep the specifics to myself, unless, of course, they themselves want to make those details public.

    It was an honour and a pleasure to do both RAND and Princeton. Both will last with me for a long time.

    Princeton was impressive, seeing freshmen and women reading The Princetonian and various heavyweight broadsheets like The New York Times, Washington Post and others is really impressive. The class I attended showed people from various backgrounds and hail from different countries very much in tune with the world happenings and politics is refreshing and bodes well to the future.

  • mdc
    6 March 2008

    “so I’m sure you won’t mind if I keep the specifics to myself”

    You are right of course. Besides, I would rather hold on to my vision of Steve in shining armor riding on his white horse steadfastly defending the reputation of America across the globe; and Ibn, well somehow I see him in shining armor riding on his white horse steadfastly defending the reputation of the Arab world across the globe. Good grief; who’d have thunk it!

    I think it says much about you that you came; your observations say much about what is good about America, and there is a lot that is good.

  • Abu Arron
    6 March 2008

    Excellent presentation Mahmood, I am not at all surprised it was well received. Assuming you permitted a Q&A session, it must have over-ran by an inordinate amount.

    Most definitely an education to a knowledge thirsty audience. Well done.

  • ammaro
    6 March 2008

    excellent job mahmood! always amazing to see bahrainis represent! and im sure you showed a great image. enjoy new york!