countdown.gifThe observant amongst you might have noticed the re-appearance of the countdown clock panel on the right. I thought of putting it up as a reminder that their days are numbered, so if they want to make a difference and etch their name in history for doing good to get with the program and leave those shenanigans for their own time and leave it to those who might be impressed.

We’re not.

Parliament is put in place to guarantee more freedoms and for the protection of a better way of life, not to hinder and further curtail limited rights.

But do you notice that any time something important is at the doorstep they descend into a quagmire? It’s as if someone is using the MPs inexperience effectively; all they need do is throw a bone and watch the show… while the things that do matter go on unnoticed right in front of their noses!

  • ammaro
    13 March 2008

    its our fault (the people) for putting these hooligans in place. before the next elections i would love if we can start a real awareness initiative to tell people hOW they should select a candidate, and not just because they pray or theyre a neighbor a friend, but because they are rational people capable of initiating the process of change… sigh

  • anon
    14 March 2008

    اففففف لوعوا جبودنا الله يلوع جبودهم ….. عسى بس هالايام تمر بسرعة Ùˆ نفتك من هالبرلمان الدايخ …. Ùˆ انشالله المرة الياية ايينا برلمان سنع ….. Ùˆ انشالله الحكومة ما تعطيهم معاشات تقاعدية Ùˆ اذا عطتهم يكون شي بسيط مفارنة بالمعاش اللي قاعد يزرطونه الحين يعله مداخيل الهم Ùˆ الغم عليهم …. ادري صرت جني عيوزة بس من حر ما فيني عليهم 🙁

  • mahmood
    14 March 2008

    صح الله لسانچ!

  • anon
    15 March 2008

    لوووول قصدك لسانك …. يمكن خانني التعبير … صرت جني شايب بدل عيوزة 🙂

  • Silver
    16 March 2008

    you never know, it might be closer then we think. A lot of talking of dissolving the parliament these days!

  • sillybahrainigirl
    18 March 2008

    It’s my birthday. Can I have a counter for my blog too?

    Ok .. It isn’t my birthday ..Can I please have the codes to put the counter on my blog too?


  • mahmood
    19 March 2008

    Of course my dear and happy birthday too!

    Here’s the PHP code:

    just copy and paste it into your sidebar and amend the dates appropriately and you should be fine. There is a widget that you can use (which is NOT compatible with the forthcoming 2.5 release of WordPress – the author promised to fix the situation soon) at

    have fun with this thing, I originally got it from a Xaraya plugin if I remember correctly and just used it as is since then.

    Here’s a trick, if you put a past date, it will give you a “days since” countUP!

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