Building the orchid wall

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Building the orchid wallThe Orchid Wall - 2
Orchid Wall - 3

I bought quite a few orchids from the Thai stall in the recent Bahrain Int’l Garden Show, but as I was rather busy and had a trip abroad, I didn’t have a chance to do anything with them other than hang them on the light fittings in my study and leave some on the floor.

In the interim, I obviously gave them much thought as how to best display them and thought that it might be best hanging from a wall or a trellis. I had a really complicated design in mind with jute sacks and misting systems, but in the end, I opted for a very simple idea. Just a simple right-angle trellis and stand it at the entrance to my study!

I went to Manazil this morning and bought these wrought iron trellises, one is 7 foot while the other is 6 foot. I stood them next to each other and tied them together with tie-wraps to create a middle hinge. That worked fine, so the next thing to do is to actually arrange the flowers.

I hope you will see the end result from the next couple of pictures.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend my friends.

  • M
    15 March 2008

    Note sure where my Friday went that I did not see this post or the beautiful orchid posted on your main site. It is just stunning with dept and color. This is a terrific way to display your latest “babies”; even though they are grouped together, it allows for each one to be appreciated on it’s own. Keep the pictures coming. :mrgreen:

  • Poesy Liang
    29 April 2008

    Do you have any idea how to plant orchids on a bare brick wall without any grills? Can we nail them on?

  • Paul Ryall
    13 September 2009

    I am currently developing an orchid wall in the porch of my house in Hua Hin, Thailand. I am attaching strips of wood to the wall at 30cm intervals from the top to about half way down. The wall length is just over 4 meters and the height 1.50m. I will be attaching steel hooks at 15cm intervals into the wood strips. Most orchids here come in lattice plastic pots, so it’s easy to hook them on. I don’t need a watering system as I like to spray daily and feed weekly, also by spray. I will intersperse the orchids with ferns such as Nephrolepis Bostoniensis because orchids get a bit straggly and unsightly when resting. The ferns will hide the straggliness. Pics can be obtained from

    P.M. Ryall