New heights in segregation demanded

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Al-Wefaq doesn’t seem to be too busy these days, especially as its demand to question Attiyatallah has now passed to the Services Committee. So, it keep the ball rolling, they’ve tabled an urgent motion demanding segregation of care givers by their gender:

Same-sex doctors call
Bahraini MPs are demanding that doctors and nurses be allowed to treat only patients of the same sex, except in emergency cases.

Patients are complaining that male staff are examining female patients and vice-versa, Al Wefaq told parliament yesterday.

The bloc also wants bodies in the mortuary to be handled only by staff of the same sex as the deceased. Its unscheduled proposal was accepted as urgent and referred to the services committee, which will compile a report for discussion in the chamber.

Sorry, but which depraved nincompoop in his right mind is going to back this motion, which does nothing more than entrench further unneeded and in this case completely unwarranted segregation in an increasingly integrated world?

What does it matter, really, if the doctor treating a sick patient is of an opposite sex? Yes I can understand in some cases patient might be embarrassed discussing their delicate health issues with a doctor of the other gender, but surely this should be left to the patients themselves to decide on, rather than bring out yet another completely useless piece of legislation that we not only make us the laughing stock of the world, but much more importantly might waste lives, literally.

But parliament really doesn’t have anything better to do with their time… oh wait, yes they do. In the same paper they are telling us that ten of the right honourable upstanding members have insisted on the creation of an emergency panel to fight blasphemy. The motivation behind this of course are those Danish cartoons.

Ten MPs were named yesterday as members of an emergency parliamentary committee set up to combat the tarnishing of the Prophet Mohammed’s image.

The move is in reaction to the reprinting by the Danish media earlier this year of insulting cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

There was outcry throughout the Islamic world when the cartoons first appeared more than two years ago.

The committee will liaise with other parliaments and bodies at home and abroad to combat the negative portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed and Islam.

Can you believe this rubbish? After two years they want to resurrect this issue once again. Oh, hang on, the guys are on a time-delay anyway so now I understand. In addition to them having nothing on their hands, their minds are abuzz with ways to at least look busy, and what better way to show their constituents that they are doing something other than fighting for the honour of our dear beloved Prophet?

You know what? I’m gonna put a big order for Danish flags and go gift them to those MPs. I can tell you that they won’t decorate their houses with them, but add to the collective idiocy of these parliamentarians by providing news agencies with excellent footage of arsonist fools.

And then, we have Al-Wefaq throwing yet another temper tantrum, this time courtesy of Al-Mizal, who objects rather strenuously to giving government housing to Bahraini women married to foreigners. Because, well, here read it for yourselves:

ØŒ والمرأة البحرينية الأصلية لا تميل إلى الزواج من أجانب وإذا حصل فهو نادر جدا’
وأضاف المزعل ”هذا الاقــتراح، سيعطــي الفرصــة الذهبية للمجنسين في هذا البلد أن يزوجوا بناتهم الصغــار لأجانب من بلدانهم الأصلية ليأخذوا الخدمات الإسكانية، فيلتحق الرجال بنسائهم المجنسات وهكــذا المجنــس يجر مجنســا إلى أن يتحول البلد إلى بلد يعيــش فيــه البحرينــي غريبــا في وطنــه بينمــا يعيش الأجنبي فيه منعمــا مكرمــا كمواطــن من الدرجــة الأولى”ØŒ وفق ما قال

“The true Bahraini woman does not marry a foreigner, but if she does, it is a very rare event.”

What this supposed representative of the people, all the people, is saying is that his objection is based on the fact that “it [providing government subsidised housing services to Bahraini women married to foreigners] will give a golden opportunity to naturalised citizens of this country to marry their young daughters to foreigners so that they can get housing services, which results in their foreign husbands to Bahrain; therefore, we will get a situation where a naturalised citizen will bring in another person to naturalise until the (original) Bahraini finds himself a stranger in his own land, while the foreigner lives here in leisure and honour as if they are First Class Bahraini.”

Would anyone like to join me in banging our heads on the closest wall in response to these asinine and completely idiotic, moronic, simple-minded, prejudiced, petty, bigoted, blinkered, parochial MPs who are entrusted to look after our interests?

I’d better go for lunch before I burst even more blood vessels…

  • naddooi
    9 April 2008

    Wow… I am still in shock …

    Next they’ll be telling Bahrainis who they can and cannot marry! Like the family was not hard enough to convince already!?! 👿

    What about Bahraini men who marry foreign women? And what’s with this “First Class Bahraini” crap?!?!?! ❗

    Seriously, these things they come up with are surreal!!! Damn, what ARE they ON?!?!

  • Capt. Arab
    9 April 2008

    Did he happen to mention anything about Bahraini men marrying foreign women??? I’d love to see where they stand in his list of “true” Bahrainization.
    Bunch of Morons….

  • Anonny
    9 April 2008

    Bahraini MPs are demanding that doctors and nurses be allowed to treat only patients of the same sex, except in emergency cases.

    I see a silver lining: ok it stings that the beardos can claim a victory, but what the above would do is increase demand for female medical practitioners at many different levels and in many different areas of expertise. It also reinforces very strongly the need to educate women.

  • I
    9 April 2008

    What it will do is increase the overstaffing of the medical facilities and cause suffering of the patients. “oh, I can’t conduct this life-saving surgery on you because I’m the wrong sex and the right person has a day off.” What about the times when there aren’t enough patients for the neurosugery unit of the appropriate gender? Will all the doctors and nurses just sit on their hands doing nothing? The whole idea is preposterous.
    What a load of bollocks. Haven’t they anything better to do with their time? Yup, I forgot, stopping people looking out of their own windows.
    Why can’t they give the police the authority and the balls to arrest morons who let their kids run riot around the car, or nab the speeders who are likely to smash into some unsuspecting driver, killing both. Give the police the power to arrest ANYONE who digresses. Not just those who don’t have the ‘wasta’ to get away with murder.

  • Rayyash
    9 April 2008

    I would like to refer to the occasional woman patient who expresses her desire to be examined by a woman doctor. and I believe every effort should be made to satisfy her wish. .not because it is religiously forbidden to be examined by a man, but because we owe it to our patients to respect their personal beliefs and cater for their psychological comfort. If a woman doctor is not available at the time, a later appointment should be arranged. .and if the condition is urgent it should be adequately and convincingly exaplined to her that the urgency of the situation makes it religiously allright to be treated by a male doctor.

  • Mike
    9 April 2008

    Fun isn’t it? Trying to keep your citizens in the 12th century all thru the 21st…….

  • mahmood
    9 April 2008

    Yeah okay. Here’s a weird one I’ve seen before and just put down to one of those internet joke things; but now I really wonder. And yes, I would appreciate anyone in the know to confirm or deny the following:

    In Bahrain, a male doctor may legally examine a woman’s genitals, but is forbidden from looking directly at them during the examination. He may only see their reflection in a mirror.


  • Gardens of Sand
    9 April 2008

    Their lack or professionalism and substance is mind boggling and annoying to say the least. The country is going to hell in a basket and THIS is what they choose to urgently discuss. Individual rights continue to fly out of the window. Now the parliament wants to mandate which doctor should treat YOU and who You (if you are a women) should marry. Great, just shackle me already, weigh me down and throw me in the ocean.

  • Proud Bahraini
    9 April 2008

    Hummmm let me see….

    The MPs are smart.

    I wonder how did they know that most doctors went to medical universities for 7 years and some of them for more to get a PHD so they can be perverts wearing white ropes. (I read the news today and I found very funny).

    I agree we should waste more money and people’s time to have a blasphemy fighting committee I think it is a great idea.

    Finally I agree also we should banned any Bahraini women from getting a government house if she is married to a foreigner for now later on we should banned her from getting married to a foreigner then we should banned her from getting married at all, I think it is a great idea.

  • Lee Ann
    9 April 2008

    I just sent a letter to the GDN this morning on these same exact issues…wonder if they will put it. Bahrain seems to be doing what no other country in the world has managed to do without some natural disaster lending a hand…regressing rather than progressing. Somebody better find a cure quick before the dark ages are upon us once again. 🙁

  • Jon
    9 April 2008

    I am sorry to say this but there’s no other way.

    First we get an apartheid system (yes, apartheid!) advocating separate prices for foreigners and locals.

    Then the issue about doctors: throwing out of the window the seriousness of a world respected profession.

    Then a lot of crap about who is a first class citizen depending on the nationality of your spouse.

    No. This is not what democracy is about. These MPs need to learn about this before taking the title of Rt. Honourable.

    If a woman chooses to see a lady doctor then fine. It’s her body and she can decide for herself. What if the female doctor is incompetent?

    A doctor does not look at a female patient and lust. All he sees is a sick patient. Of course, weirdos exist everywhere but should we take such drastic measures for the sake of the very few?

  • Jon
    9 April 2008

    ….And before I forget.

    This country has some real issues the MPs should focus on. Poverty and rioting for instance…. Have they not heard that even the international press has started to report these items.

    Once the investment pouring in is scared away (and there’s more than enough alternative destinations for it) then it won’t come back.

  • bint battuta
    9 April 2008

    In Bahrain, a male doctor may legally examine a woman’s genitals, but is forbidden from looking directly at them during the examination. He may only see their reflection in a mirror.

    I posted about this when it was reported on the BBC in November…but interestingly the original article no longer cites it:

    This is an amended version of an earlier story which included several examples of laws from the survey which we have been unable to verify, and these have been removed.

  • Anonny
    9 April 2008


    It is devoutly to be hoped that hospital staff see sense and ensure that the scenario you envisage does not arise. I don’t see a male doctor standing by doing nothing while a woman is in danger of dying in front of him. That isn’t going to happen. The real worry is the penalties that these zealots can inflict upon a doctor who is doing his job.

    As for a policy that gives more medical jobs to educated women … well, forgive me for clutching at a positive straw in this ideological cesspool …

  • ammaro
    9 April 2008

    im sick and tired of this. come on…

    stick out the red card again please.

  • Sam
    10 April 2008

    When I read those extracts in the GDN, I think I could actually feel my face go red with fury. Good job I was the only one in the room!

    You can slap me on the wrist for saying this, but I truly believe that double standards & racism is seeded into Bahraini society. This is evident in daily life whether your socializing, doing business, or conducting govt work. There seems to always be this will or need to segregate ‘us’ from ‘them’. Your either Bahraini or non-Bahraini – your never classed a resident, or a citizen.

    What really pissed me off big time is that ALL these proposals are so blatantly unconstitutional!

    This is what Article 18 says.

    People are equal in human dignity, and citizens are equal before the law in public rights and duties. There shall be no discrimination among them on the basis of sex, origin, language, religion or creed.

  • Loki
    10 April 2008

    it breaks my heart. I hope Bahrain does not go the way of saudi. Saudi 30 years ago was ironically enough far (far far) more liberal than it is now.

  • grace
    10 April 2008

    Oh thanks Mahmood, another day of depression over what the world is comming to…

  • Kiwi Nomad
    10 April 2008

    Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves… I see this as positive development that these nutters in parliament are getting the opportunity to make fools of themselves so sensible voters can vote them out next time around… of course that’s assuming there are enough sensible voters out there and votes aren’t just cast according to what your tribe/elders tell you to… Unfortunately in the meantime Bahrain’s international reputation will suffer and the EDB’s efforts to attract business may be in vain.

  • Mohamed
    11 April 2008

    How could these simpletons get parliamentary chairs? How embarrassing. What happened to the Bahraini intellectuals supposedly leading the opposition bloc…

  • Zenobia
    12 April 2008

    Are these “simpleetons” freely choosen by the public to hold these offices or those the monarch appoint them? ❓ You guys just vote them out in the next election, that is if they don’t really represent the beliefs of the population.

    If they don’t perform expectiionally well then elect those that can, this would keep them alert 😯

  • Zenobia
    12 April 2008

    As-salamu `Alaykum. Keep your eyes open, because we are experiencing a shortage of physicians in Canada. Although we have one of the best health care systems in the world, our doctors are being drained out by the U.S. Our neighbor down South is giving a greater economic incentive for doctors, than we can.

    We too are on the look out for qualified doctors who are dissatisfied due to the restrictions (political, economic or societal limits) on their human potential. Beware, we are more than happy to give greater incentives than the Bahraini government is in order to brain drain all your best minds. However, there is an exception they must meet our standards of qualification (we’re not that desperate).

    It’s really bizarre 😯 , because such an important resource should be further encouraged and motivated. Poor country cousins, for your sake invest in your human resources, or we can do that for you guys! If you don’t stand up against this, or you will fall for everything. ❗

  • Zenobia
    12 April 2008

    Honestly, these are the kind of things that are holding you guys back.

    You’re just as intelligent and talented as others. But you’re not free! ❗ All these societal pressure restrict your freedom of experimenting and discovering greater possibilities.

    I went to Bahrain in 2004, and I was told by my relatives “don’t do anything out of the norm”. It felt like there was so much fear (I don’t know what kind of fear but fear). This gender segregation is an example of such fears, fears that are a disability.

    A perspective from outside.

  • Zenobia
    12 April 2008

    I’m sorry I said “country cousins” I didn’t mean to insult anybody 😳 . I deeply apologize. It’s just that your pain greatly affects me and therefore is my own pain. Although we are countries apart there is still human connection.

    We on the other side of the ocean do feel the anguish 😥 . And we can’t blame you because we know/understand that you are doing the best you can to SURVIVE. So keep writing, we hear what you have to say loud and clear 😎 .

    Your hormonal cousin.

  • laila
    12 April 2008

    “Country cousin”

    Definition: somebody from a rural area whose unsophisticated reactions to city life are considered amusing.

    Amusing? Western arrogance is amusing.

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