M.Report – S01E05

What a fortuitous occasion! A decision by the government results on egg on its own face. The defacto PM of Bahrain slaps the wrist of parliament and I also remind them not to be so uptight about things.


  1. kookoo

    interesting website….i dont think the fact that poor indian workers getting hurt in a truck accident warrants your giggles though. Seems your more concerned about getting one up over the Government rather than highlighting the labourers plight.

  2. Abu Arron

    Mahmood is quite capable of defending himself, but I don’t believe he was laughing at the unfortunate victims of the accident, more at the tragic irony of words versus events.

    I have admit that I did laugh at the prospect of parliament adjourning to the nearest bar for a drink. I’d pay good money to see that. The big question is, would policy discussions, etc become calmer or more vitriolic?! Answers on a beermat please.

  3. heraish

    I think Mahmood is doing a great servicing by highlighting the issue. They way he did it may not have been the most oppropriate but nevertheless it deserves praise. Particularly in a part of the world that does not care so much for these issues. Also for him doing this he may be even courting trouble.

    May God bless you for this.

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