Why I hate Facebook

facebook frustrationYes, I’m resurrecting the issue again.

I realised that I don’t like it much because it forces you to install what they call applications which in turn forces you to share your private information regardless of what you think. You can’t even read a message someone sends you unless you agree to install an application of sort, again, only after agreeing to “share” your information to nameless authors of that application.

Why do you like/dislike it? Tell me please? I just want to really believe that it is actually useful.

  • Amjad
    21 May 2008

    Just ignore the applications. It’s as simple as that.

    I hate those applications, and I simply just ignore them all and block them without even reading them. If I am interested in a certain application, I would go install it myself without getting zillions of requests from my friends.

    That’s the only thing I dislike about Facebook; having to ignore all these applications every single day.

  • Jonathan
    21 May 2008

    I actually block most application (decent disclosure: I’m a legal consultant for two companies developing facebook application) since they are mostly useless.

    I think you are referring to the “wall” applications which state that “someone sent you a message using ****wall”, where this message is actually a mass message from one of your “friends”…

  • Simon Columbus
    21 May 2008

    Well, I don’t really like Facebook. It’s a horrible mess to follow your friends updates etc., it spies your personal data… but still I use Facebook. Not extensively, but sometimes it’s useful for informing large groups (or get informed as a part of one).

  • Miss 22
    21 May 2008

    I like it except for the sending the application to 20 or so friends to unlock an answer. Facebook allows more virtual interaction and help you get closer to your friends. Play a game, discuss movies, share your feeds and much more. It makes interaction much simpler. šŸ˜‰

  • Hani
    22 May 2008

    That’s exactly the reason why I deleted my Facebook profile. I hated the virus-like spread of the applications.

  • asdf
    22 May 2008

    there was an article about how easy it is to make a facebook application and steal personal information by BBC


    i simply removed all of the 3rd party applications, if anyone wants to send me a msg of some sort im sure he can find a more creative way other than using a facebook application to do so.
    if you dont like any of the 3rd party application (not developed by facebook itself) then you can block them all and not get any invitations by editing your prviacy settings, go to privacy –> applications —-> click on edit the applications page and remove all of the 3rd party applications.
    go back to the applications page in the privacy section then go to the 2nd tab in the page named other applications. now choose ‘Do not share any information about me through the Facebook API’ and you are all set. if you have a lot of invitations requests in your requests page then just open the requests page and you should see ‘ignore all’ on the top right.

    and if you don’t like to see 200 applications on one of your friends you can simply install a greasemonkey script that would remove all of those 3rd party apps and keep the original ones. just search for greasemonkey + facebook +script in google and you’ll find them.

  • ammaro
    22 May 2008

    when you understand how it works, it doesn’t become so annoying. these ‘application’ things aren’t things your friends send you to send you a message or whatever, they’re just mass-mailed from anyone who adds to the application to all of his friends. it probably says something impersonal like “add the superwall, its great!” or some rubbish like that.

    i personally ignore all application requests. i have 700+ pending, but thats fine. I used to click ignore on them one by one, but now i really cant be bothered. they just pile up by themselves in one corner of the screen and i dont even notice them anymore.

    facebook is good for staying in touch with people; i have friends in the US, UK, UAE, etc. hell, i have people in bahrain i lost touch with, but with facebook, you can send them a message straight away without having to look for their email, or find out whether theyve updated it or not, and so on. and replies are usually quick, so its a great social tool. use it as you will…

  • ArabianMonkey
    22 May 2008

    After initial resistance, early last year I thought, let’s give this a try. I’ve found Facebook to be incredibly useful for reconnecting with the past and getting connected with a wider community on like-minded issues. The groups and events have contributed a lot to my work as a creative worker.

    I use Facebook for work a lot – crew and casting calls, sharing project news, gathering feedback and comments and keeping people informed of the latest. I also use it a lot to share that which I find important or engaging to me with my friends on my profile. I regularly get a message from someone who says that something I posted was useful to them.

    In a nutshell, I’ve found Facebook to be the easiest tool to date. It’s the personal website I never got around to. It’s the mailing list I never fully compiled. It’s the classifieds I never used. It’s the forum/chatroom without the unwanted others and noise. It’s the road to some causes I care for. It’s the multimedia site I never updated. It’s the promotional network I always shunned. It’s the focus group I never got round to maintaining. It’s the newsletter that shares what’s important to me with those who share a common ground. All is customizable and easy once you get past the test drive.

    If you’re selective and give yourself a chance to discover what works for you, it eventually becomes really useful.

  • mahmood
    22 May 2008

    ArabianMonkey, please add me to your list, I would very much like to witness more of your experience in Facebook.

  • loki
    22 May 2008

    Facebook should be hung, drawn, and quartered. Then it should be napalmed. Its CEO should be imprisoned for crimes against humanity.

  • David Langdon
    30 May 2008

    I resisted Facebook also, til my brother joined and wanted me to see his family photos on there.

    I’ve managed to keep in slightly better contact with him than before, and have reconnected with a few old friend thought lost.

    I ignore a lot of applications too, now, except for “Attack” (a Risk clone) which I play with my brother and friends. Scrabulous (a Scrabble clone), also has many fans.

  • Bahraneya
    2 June 2008

    I gotta say this:

    I HATE facebook.

    I made an account out of “cultural pressure”, I realized not having one was making me from a “different generation”!

    Anyhow, since the day I opened my account till now – I see the site useless… it just helps you know about the people you know, and spy: so who know’s who?

  • JohnsterJohnster
    7 June 2008

    I just find the whole thing embarrassingly artificial athough it is useful for finding out what long lost ex’s are up to

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