Known blocked sites in Bahrain top 40

I’ve just compiled a new list of blocked websites in Bahrain and I was able to find most of the administrative order numbers instructing ISPs to block them. The new list is available here.

Should you have any information about this issue, please do contact me in confidence.


  1. FYI

    just to let you know that is no longer blocked and is up and running.

  2. Post

    Thanks for your feedback. Would you know if the ban was officially lifted (by another admin order) or is it due to the current proxy problems experienced by Batelco?

  3. Yagoob's Dome seems to work fine (I’m using a lightspeed connection)
    but some of the other sites (I didn’t try them all) were indeed seemed to be blocked as I kept getting a screen with a network error from my router..

  4. Post

    Thank you Yagoob. Yes some of them are currently unblocked, but my information suggests that there was no administrative order going to the telcos to unblock them. Until that happens, they could well be blocked on a whim. Hence, this list will remain unless I get a clear feedback that the MoI actually instructed the telcos to unblock them.

    Do let me know if you come across a blocked site though. I much appreciate your feedback.

  5. Post

    updated, thanks Hussain. I’ve dropped متديات مملكة البحرين and شمس البحرين المشرقة as they have both been unblocked according to this morning’s Alwasat and added to the blocked list.

  6. Abu Arron


    shaheedbh appears to have been hacked! Rubbish linking to dating sites, airfares, debt consolidation and las vegas vacations
    bab-albahrain just doesn’t work
    shahrakkan, alhiyak, bandar.allfreehost have also been hacked with rubbish
    eskaali & almahfood just don’t exist anymore
    haaq hasn’t been updated since january

  7. Post

    yes, there are some abandoned and phished sites on the list, to be sure, but the thing is that they are still blocked by administrative order which I am against. So as long as that admin order is in place, regardless of who the current occupant is, it is blocked by that order.

  8. Abu Arron

    Agreed. It was just an informational posting.

    Time for tea and pastries. So much for my waistline. But the CO has called and it would be rude (brave?!) to refuse.

  9. Post
  10. Orlando

    Why dont you people try to use a tunniling software.

    Like HTTP tunnel, its free. Here in Europe we use it in schools, you can use it to dayligth net

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