The Ministry of Information is listening

Bahrain's Press & Publications department at the Ministry of Information blocking websitesWell, it’s more than listening. They can actually read and also visit this blog from time to time. I am honoured and well chuffed. Extremely. And this particular page has become their official home page!

How would I know? Well because I do. They have used some of the information there to issue yet another block order, number 2008/197 signed by the failed parliamentary contender and current head of their Press and Publications department just yesterday to block the alternate URLs to and re-inforced (he thinks!) the block on by demanding the specific block on a subdirectory of that site:! Shows that not everyone who can read actually is educated enough to understand what they’re doing, doesn’t it?! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

So the official blocked websites in Bahrain, thanks to the valiant efforts of the Misery of Thought Control and THE Protector of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Honour remain the same, but the blocked URLs leading to those sites have increased by 2 (the /forum doesn’t count, go read more about the Internet and its related technologies to find out why!)


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  2. sTylo

    I m sorry for the off topic comment.

    I usually write the white & black points of all telecos company in Bahrain Specially Viva, Zain & Batelco. They have rights to blocked the site but they haven’t blocked mine

    Isn’t those actions are only taken by Ministry of Information.. Telecos don’t have any right to block any site.. they just update the database by Ministry of Information order…

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