Bahraini Bloggers Renascence Gathering, don’t miss it!

All local bloggers are invited to a Local Bloggers Meetup on Saturday 13th of June 2009. 11 AM Dolce Café in Zinj.

We’d love to restart, reconnect and re-meet old and new friends. Please take a couple of hours off and come and have a coffee with us.

Find out what number this meeting is and I’ll buy you coffee and maybe a nice piece of cake too!


  1. Lee Ann

    Does my blog count…lol?

    I admit Im surprised to discover your blog is active again…when did that happen? How come newspapers didnt have big bold headlines about it? someone dropped the ball on this one Mahmood…Im glad I know now tho.

    Since Farukh said 34 I will say 33? hee hee

  2. Post

    Of course your blog counts, so does Farukh’s!

    Thanks for the sentiments, but I don’t think my return to blogging is considered by them as an Earth shattering event, it is to me, I’m still reeling!

  3. Yacoub Al-Slaise

    I think this is actually the 35th or 36th lost because the last ones came in fractions .5 and .75

    35th is a cool number to start the recount I think..

    1. Post

      I think we started meetups around the same time as our Kuwaiti friends, but as they have just had their 59th, we should be closer to that figure… have we (in Bahrain) missed some meetups during the last few months?

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