“Bahraini Views” interview in Khaleejesque

Bahraini Views is in the news again. I’ve been interviewed by the lifestyle and popular culture online eZine Khaleejesque to shed some light on the Bahraini Views initiative.

A celebration of Bahrainis who inspire generations with their experiences and efforts, Bahraini Views is a pioneering project featuring Bahrainis in various fields talking about their experiences and work mottos. Those 2-minute short videos aim to document how those respective Bahraini role models from all walks of life rose above their circumstances and made something of themselves, their lives, and their communities. Produced and brought about by Mahmood Al-Yousif, these short videos have been a hit online and on Bahrain’s National TV Channels alike. Khaleejesque got in touch with this pioneering producer and discussed Bahraini Views, the need to share experiences, and inspire others.

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It’s interesting to note that Khaleejesque got to know about Bahraini Views via Twitter and requested the interview via a connection with me there. Interesting this social media thing isn’t it?

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