Pigs Flu Jabs Inaugurated in Bahrain with Minister

The Minister of Health was the first to receive the H1N1 vaccine in Bahrain yesterday
The Minister of Health was the first to receive the H1N1 vaccine in Bahrain yesterday

As the caption says, our Minister of Health Dr. Faisal Al-Hamer together with top “influencers” including businessman Farouq Al-Moayyed, ex-MoH undersecretary Abdulaziz Hamza and a bevy of other personages too were the first to be given the H1N1 vaccine in Bahrain. About 200 according to this piece from Al-Wasat this morning:

دشّن وزير الصحة فيصل الحمر أمس لقاح انفلونزا الخنازير في مركز حمد كانو الصحي بحضور وكلاء الوزارة تحت شعار «التزامك بلقاح H1N1 يحمي أسرتك».

وكان أول المطعمين خلال التدشين كل من الوزير ووكيل الوزارة السابق عبدالعزيز حمزة ومسئولي وزارة الصحة ووكلاء الوزارات الأخرى وصاحب الأعمال فاروق المؤيد وعالم الفلك وهيب الناصر، وبلغ إجمالي المطعمين خلال التدشين أكثر من 200 شخص من بينهم عدد من الأطفال.

وقال الوزير الحمر في كلمته «بلغ مجموع حالات الإصابة بانفلونزا الخنازير المثبتة مختبريا في البحرين 888 إصابة حتى الرابع من نوفمبر/ تشرين الثاني الجاري من أصل 3074 حالة تم اختبارها، وبلغ مجموع الحالات ذات الأعراض الشبيهة بالانفلونزا 15 ألف حالة، وسجلت البحرين ثمان وفيات من جراء المرض من بينها أربع حالات لمواطنين، وحرصا من الوزارة على سلامة المجتمع كافة تم التعاقد مع كبار الشركات المصنعة لاستيراد مليون جرعة من لقاح انفلونزا الخنازير ستصل على دفعات».
Al-Wasat – 8 Nov 09

GDN version here (English)

The minister also confirmed that we have 888 cases of proven H1N1 cases in Bahrain resulting in 8 deaths out of a suspected pool of 15,000 cases out of which his ministry tested 3,074 in the lab. The common lore suggests multiples of that actual figure of course, but who’s counting? They want to jab-happy the whole population.

Our friend Alia Al-Moayed – a known nutritionist and health expert – doesn’t support this jab-happy approach. She was actually reprimanded (and threatened to have her license revoked) by the same ministry for “spreading untruths and panic” to her suggestion to the adoption of the healthier lifestyle as a natural antidote to this Swine flu malarky. I’ll call them somehow getting one of her uncles to be jabbed right after the minister a simple coincidence.

Regardless though, I’m not really interested in either point of view. I’ve heard enough now to be completely confused. For the moment; however, I’ll defer to the side of Alia than I would with Faisal.

Now, with that, I shall declare a little Mtv-style competition open and that is for the best caption on the picture above – not sure what I’ll offer as a present though, maybe to try to get the winner to the top of the queue for a jab? 🙂

Have at it guys!

  • Alia Almoayed
    8 November 2009

    Thanks Mahmood. This is the link to the Arabic article that was not allowed into the Arabic papers (the English version went into the GDN). For what its worth http://aliaalmoayed.wordpress.com/2009/10/01/will-you-take-the-swine-flu-vaccine/ Scroll down for the Arabic version.

    I hope we can all stay safe with some good old common sense.


  • Jeremy Bicha
    9 November 2009

    What do you mean the swine flu vaccine has real swine flu in it?!! Allah forgive me.

  • FYI
    10 November 2009

    “I hope the camera adds a few pounds to my biceps”

    • mahmood
      11 November 2009

      good one! 🙂

  • Shaker N Cutty
    10 November 2009

    I agree that the Swine Flu pandemic has been blown out of proportion by the media. However, Alia Almoayed’s article is uninformed and for the most part buys into the drivel that is peddled by conspiracy theorists. I believe in freedom of speech, but, for her opinion to appear in the only national daily as expert advice is irresponsible journalism that triggers panic. A little knowledge, dangerous thing, etc. Oh, and as a healthy individual in my thirties I will not be opting for the vaccine, but, not because I am worried about “thiomersal” and the adverse effects of Mercury.

  • Shaker N Cutty
    11 November 2009

    The winner of Who Wants to Torture a Minister steps up to the plate as other contestants look on with envy.

  • Meggie Whetstone
    12 November 2009

    The girls had all chipped in with some money to buy a plastic inflatable husband, but it took a lot of effort to get him fully deployed because none of them had a bicycle pump.
    Here, Gertrude is taking a breather while Mr Right is about half inflated.

    If this works out, they are saving up for a set of bagpipes.

  • nzm
    12 November 2009

    A bit rude but:

    “Looks like this needle and I are the only pricks in the room.”


  • Meggie Whetstone
    12 November 2009

    Well officer, it was like this. I was expecting a hypodermic needle, but they used a nail gun.

    It went right through my right hand, through my left arm, and into my rib cage. While I was squealing in agony, and immobilised, they stole my watch, wallet, car keys, credit cards, and on top of everything they even took a photograph.

  • Anonny
    13 November 2009


    According to official sources, swine flu is more dangerous for the healthy.

    Anyway, why are you not taking the vaccine?

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