Want greener grass? Pee on it!

manneken_pis_boy_peeing_urinating_outdoor_garden_water_fountain_pondThat’s not too far from the truth actually, urea in the human body carries waste nitrogen out of the body in urine, it’s the same chemical component that releases nitrogen where it is most required, the stuff is packed with nitrogen! I normally spread urea on my lawn after cutting it once every summer and it almost instantly turn luscious green.

Well, the gardeners at a National Trust property in Cambridgeshire, UK, are urging men to pee outdoors to help gardens grow greener – and as no flushing is needed, they reckon they spare 30% of their water usage in every single day!

But, they caution, men’s pee is much more sought after than women’s, the latter’s stuff is much more acidic that it might do damage rather than good 😉

“The pee bale is excellent matter to add to our compost heap to stimulate the composting process; and with over 400 acres of gardens and parkland to utilise compost, we need all the help we can get.”
BBC News

Now do excuse me while I go do my part to green my neighbour’s garden!

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