Corruption Perception Index 2009


As far as Bahrain is concerned, the trend of this index is lacklustre, trending downward from 27 with a score of a 6.1 in 2003 to 46 this year with a score of 5.1. Regionally, we rank right in the middle at the moment being 4th behind Qatar, ranking 22 in the world – with a best score of the region of 7.0, the UAE which ranks 30th with 6.5 and Oman at 39 with a score of 5.5. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait bring up the rear with 63 (4.3) and 66 (4.1) respectively.


Although some might scoff at this as “it’s simply a perception of corruption, the methodologies used are worthy of much consideration. It’s clear that we have some work to do, and the only way we can actually do it is to not slap corrupt persons on the wrist and let them by, but get them to rot in jail for a while so that they understand the damage they have done to the country and its citizens.

We have many corruption cases in the judicial pipelines; from ALBA through to the latest news pieces of corrupt Tourism Department officials accepting bribes to turn a blind eye to nefarious practices in hotels and other “entertainment” venues, passing through to that bank manager who helped himself to a Lexus for a Dinar (US$2.65) and helped himself to a few hundred thousand dinars in the process too. The joke is, though, although he has been convicted and is supposed to spend some time in the slammer, a doctor’s certificate and undoubtedly some influence allowed him to stay at home due to his delicate health state.

The very same treatment was given to a 58-person killer. This worthy citizen has even been advertising environmentally friendly transport solutions while “convalescing”! How very touching.

The solution to these problems is simple of course: just apply the law. We probably have some of the best laws in the world, but that does not transcend them simply being on paper and never be implemented into reality.

  • Darth
    18 November 2009

    how about the never ending municipality violations!??!!? That is an area we need much more regulation! One of the prime reason our electricity transmission is bad, is because of sudden surges in loads due to illegal buildings additions (or lets say building with no permits) … advertisement mess? color of buildings mess? design of buildings (no regulation)…. whats the use of a zoning map if the municipality doesn’t follow or implement it?!?!?!

  • mahmood
    19 November 2009

    I completely agree. I know; however, that there is a plan under way to rezone the country, the first result of that effort is Adliya. Wouldn’t it be great if the whole of Bahrain was like that?

    I’ve got huge beef with street advertising. The distraction and the destruction of our street environment is ridiculous.

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