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Saudi King Abdullah called for the formation of a Gulf union in response to growing threats, as rulers of the wealthy Arab GCC met on Monday against a backdrop of regional turmoil and fears over Iran. “I ask today that we move from a phase of cooperation to a phase of union within a single …

What a surprise. The emperor is indeed naked.

Quote: Dubai, which until last week loomed tall – literally – as an enterprising, cosmopolitan, glitzy and happy antithesis to the Middle East’s economic stagnation, has now emerged as a sad monument to all that is ill about the pan-Arab economy, which includes more than a quarter-billion people but is smaller than Spain’s.

Corruption Perception Index 2009

The 2009 CPI is out. As far as Bahrain is concerned, the trend of this index is lacklustre, trending downward from 27 with a score of a 6.1 in 2003 to 46 this year with a score of 5.1. Regionally, we rank right in the middle at the moment being 4th behind Qatar, ranking 22 in the world – with a best score of the region of 7.0, the UAE which ranks 30th with 6.5 and Oman at 39 with a score of 5.5. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait bring up the rear with 63 (4.3) and 66 (4.1) respectively.