Christmas Cacti

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Christmas Cacti

Christmas Cacti, originally uploaded by malyousif.

About 6 or so weeks too late this year, but at least they flowered.


My wife bought these plants and they reside in her kitchen. They started budding a couple of weeks ago when – finally – the weather turned a bit cooler. They’re now rewarding us with these huge double flowers.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

  • NavyGuy
    5 February 2010


    Great site. You are a great ambassador for the Bahraini people. I am stationed here in Jufair at the base.

    So I was walking home today (I live across from the Grand Mosque.) A car sped at me from across one of the many deserted lots.
    The driver stops and tells me he is from Jedda and needs money for his sick wife and for gas home. I give him 10 dinars (26 dollars) and he asks for 10 more to get home. I don’t have it and he got angry!

    It was awkward. I started to leave and then he thanked me and blessed me and drove off. . .

    Still, Bahrain is okay in my book. Today is a Friday and we get invaded by the Saudis on the weekends. So I will make allowances. . .

  • Shaker N Cutty
    6 February 2010


    I know that poor guy too. Actually, most people in Bahrain know him. His wife is constantly sick and his car always out of gas. That is one unlucky human being. Fortunately, people like you step in and help him all the time…

    Shaker N Cutty

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