Eejit MP calls for new UN without USA

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That eejit is MP Al-Moawdah (hopefully soon to have the ex- prefix prepended to that nomenclature) forgets that the UNITED NATIONS is an inclusive body, and more importantly, cannot function without the USA in any case. I guess like the majority of the world, he is rightly incensed at the atrocities committed by Israel against the Freedom Flotilla. What is inexcusable; however, is that his office dictates that he should have a calm head and engages said head before opening any other orifice to not only declare such an idiotic claim, but compound it with this raspberries too:

“How can we have world peace with a country like the US in the Security Council? Nothing will ever come of it and there will be no peace in the world.


He should tell our prime minister that.

مضيفا سموه لدى استقباله السفير الأميركي أن الأمن والاستقرار مطلب أساسي وتحقيقه يستدعي تعاوناً وتنسيقاً دولياً، وإن للدول الصديقة دور كبير في هذا الشأن باعتبارها شريكاً في إحلال السلام.

His Royal Highness added when he received the American ambassador that security and stability is a prerequisite to achieve and requires cooperation and coordination internationally, and that friendly countries a significant role in this regard as a partner in peace.

Almoawdah also made a public promise to:

“The first action I have in mind is taking Israeli leaders to the International Court of Justice.”

Good luck!

Can anyone other than I smell the electioneering crap in these statements?

Ahhh, the parliamentary elections in October are nearing fast, and these MPs are baying at the moon and salivating once again at the sounds of coins and benefits awaiting them.

Are they worth electing once again? Did Bahrain not learn from the lessons?

  • Anonny
    4 June 2010

    Hey! I’m bored! Can somebody write in and defend this guy, please?

  • Steve the American
    5 June 2010

    Let me guess how Al-Moawdah’d mind works: Let’s get rid of the Great Satan and run the UN ourselves and while we’re at it let’s get rid of the other European powers and really the non-Muslim states contribute nothing to peace and, hey, let’s change the name from the United Nations to the Caliphate.

  • Anonny
    6 June 2010

    Not quite what I was looking for Steve. Although,maybe now, somebody will chime in and defend him.



    This is encouraging 🙂

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