Tattooed people aren’t scary, they’re cool!

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Discovering a tattoo convention by chance at the Amsterdam RAI convention centre, I determined to go and have a look, and thank goodness I did!

Tattoos are cool. Tattooed people aren’t scary. They’re just using their own bodies to tell their stories and show their thoughts in a lasting manner for as long as they live.

The artists there were incredible. Some of the traditional methods of tattooing looked quite painful, but the participants were emphatic that the pain – if it exists at all in that experience – is minor and worth the suffering. They wanted “an original” tattooing method to add to their memories.

I spent just a few hours there and I can tell you that I came very close to getting inked!

I didn’t. But had I done so, what do you think I would have had done?

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  • Alia
    18 June 2010

    The Bahraini emblem 🙂

Oooooh baybeee!