Al-Iman school graduates Class of 2010, congrats!

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Congratulations to the ninth graduating class of Al-Iman School, an Islamic school whose declared philosophy includes educational and behavioral training through educational and cultural composition of the adoption of the Islamic approach in interpreting the origin of the universe and life.

Congratulations to the 40 young persons and wish them luck should they wish to pursue their education further.

I would be interested to know; however, what their chosen paths are. Please educate me if you know. I’m interested to see what graduates of the school that has been honoured by the presence of the Minister of Education no less at their graduation ceremony choose as a path? Or would they feel that as they have satisfied the equity with a BSc, as they have most probably already memorised the Holy Quran, then they might just go direct into the job market? What skills do they have, I wonder, which are different from the countless others waiting for jobs outside the Civil Service Bureau or selling water at major intersections?

I’m just curious and confused about this school (and yes, the various “Hawzahs” too) and who they report to as far as quality of education is concerned. Do they fall under the QAAET too? Or are these institutions are simply glorified “Madrasas” running under their own laws?

If you had one wish…