Beyond the 5-star hotels

My good friend and uber creative person Mohammed Buhasan visited this afternoon and presented me with his latest books; this one in his hands is FUNtastic Bahrain – a brilliant project in which he explores various aspects and secrets that only locals are privvy to. Things like how we negotiate, how we order our khubiz, what we normally have for breakfast, how to become a real Bahraini by partaking in some Aloo Basheer and the like…

The other two books he brought with him were fabulous too, both funded by the Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage, the first is about the local worry beads – the Misbah – and the second is about Arabian Swords and their makers in Bahrain.

What a fantastic effort by Mohammed and his company Al-Waraqoon. Well done indeed!

If you have a chance, buy his pictorial books, they will be – and should be – the centerpieces of any coffee table, home or office.

UPDATE 101221: This book (and others published by Mohammed) is available at Jashenmal’s. The retail price is BD15. Well worth getting and giving as Christmas or corporate gifts.

This is what the box looks like, for those who asked. It's available at Jashenmal's in City Centre
  • Jeremy Bicha
    21 December 2010

    For those of us not in Bahrain and therefore can’t just go by Jashanmal and pick up a copy, what are our options?

    • mahmood
      21 December 2010

      My wife already asked me to provide her with a few which she wants to give as Christmas and leaving presents. I didn’t have the answer of where and how to get them, so I’ll contact Mohammed today and get you both the answers.

  • elizabeth
    23 December 2010

    well, I passed by Jashanmal to get a copy and they had no idea what I was talking about. Never heard of it. This was Jashanmal in the Seef Mall. Maybe not arrived there yet ?

  • AZ
    24 December 2010

    Elizabeth, the book is available at Jashanmal Seef Mall. However, it’s not the easiest to pick out as the title “FUNtastic Bahrain” is quite small especially compared to the mock “BRN” number plate graphic that overtake the cover.

    The book can be found on the bottom shelf of the local interest section that’s opposite to the check out counter. The book is grey in color with “BRN” typed in big blue letters. The book actually comes in a box that also includes some rather nice postcards. The book itself is quite an enjoyable read, hopefully you’ll enjoy it likewise.

    Hope that helped 🙂

    PS: While you’re at it, why not take a look at the works of another one of our local authors; Ali Al-Saeed, who’s debut book QuiXotiq was named the Bahrain book of the year and his two others (Moments & Sad Man Dancing) received high critical acclaim.

  • elizabeth
    5 January 2011

    Thank you Mahmood, for your detailed reply. I got a call from Jashanmal’s advising they received the book, but when I went to collect it, they could not find it, hmmm. Anyhow now with your help it should be no problem, and at the same time I will have a look al Ali Al-Saeed’s
    with kind regards,

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