Torture in plain daylight, and in front of a sitting MP

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While the US Ambassador was assuring us that human rights is very important to the political leadership in this country in an interview released today in Alwasat, it’s ironic that in the very same issue a news article confirms the torture of a citizen in front of a sitting MP!

قال رئيس كتلة الوفاق البرلمانية النائب عبدالجليل خليل إنه شهد تعذيب اثنين من الشباب الساعة السادسة مساء الخميس الماضي (6 يناير / كانون الثاني 2011)ØŒ وأن ضابطاً من قوات سافرة مع خمسة أفراد انهالوا بالضرب المبرح على المواطن سيدمحسن الشرخات في قاعة استقبال مركز شرطة المعارض بالسنابس، ولم يكتفوا بذلك بل سحبوا أخاه سيدصالح الشرخات (حوالي الأربعينات من العمر وعمره مقارب لأخيه) الذي كان قد حضر مع خليل لتقديم شكوى على أحد رجال الأمن بلباس مدني، واسمه (…)ØŒ تعود على إهانة وضرب المواطنين في السنابس والمناطق المحيطة، وهو يمارس دوره المشئوم بلباسه المدني متحدياً المواطنين بكلمات بذيئة وبإهانات متبوعة باعتقالات وتعذيب.


وقال خليل إنه عندما احتج على ذلك، قام ضابط قوات سافرة بالصراخ عليه، وتلفظ بألفاظ نابية، وقال الكثير من الكلام من بينه «إنت نائب على غيري، واذهب وأخبر من تشاء، لا يهمني من أنت ولا من تمثل».

The head of Al-Wefaq political bloc MP Abduljalil Khalil said that he witnessed the torture of two citizens at 6pm Thursday evening on the 6th of Jan 2011 in that an officer from the Safra forces together with five of his company have severely beaten citizen Sayed Muhsin Alsharkhat in the reception area or the Sanabis police station. They also dragged his brother Sayed Saleh Alsharkhat, who is around 40 years old and close to his brother in age, who accompanied MP Khalil to render a complaint against a plain-clothes policeman named (….) who is used to abuse and beat citizens in the Sanabis and the surrounding area while plain-clothed complete with threats of imprisonment and the like.

MP Khalil said that he objected to this and was faced with a shouting Safra officer who verbally abused him and said, among other things, that “you exercise your MP’s status on others and not me and go and complain to whomever you wish. You don’t concern me and neither whom you represent”

Fantastic isn’t it?

The name of this “respected gentleman” is not mentioned in the news piece unfortunately, but should be easy enough to find should the government wish to find out. Him being thrown in prison on his sorry ass for his despicable behaviour and his witnessed torture is the least that could be done. I won’t hold my breath though as I know that this will never happen.

To read the rest of the disgusting account of the incident, click here (Arabic).

  • Rogork
    9 January 2011


    I thought we were over that period, guess I was wrong. Sick that this is still going on.

  • Anonny
    9 January 2011

    A “Safra officer” who said “You don’t concern me and neither whom you represent”

    That says it all.

  • nhusain
    9 January 2011

    The MP should know the name of this person. Someone should get it from him and post his name here.

  • Faten
    9 January 2011

    That is only one reason why this country is falling apart.
    Also a reason why everyone wants to get the hell out of there
    Instead of giving back and serving the country.
    It doesn’t look like there will be a significant progress in its politics.
    It saddens me that a country like Bahrain, that has a lot of potential is just sinking.

  • Omar bin Abdulaziz
    24 January 2011

    Well, for your disgusting attention Mahmood, why does Wefaq always side with rioters???

    Does it think that its members can go around bombing and killing people with impunity???

    Do you ever see the way the BAHRANIS speak to the expatriates — “yallah, yallah yal hindi” and stuff.

    Mend your behaviour before you point fingers at others for if you point one at others, four point at you!!!

    • mahmood
      24 January 2011

      Oh boy… I think you’re angry at yourself more than anyone else.

      • Omar bin Abdulaziz
        24 January 2011

        he he he Mahmood … and you seem to be the most hapless person on earth 😉

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Torture in plain daylight, and in front of a sitting MP