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Mona Eltahawy speaking at the J Street Conference 2011 (2.27.11) . These are her complete opening remarks.

History before Our Eyes: Broader Implications of Democracy Movements in the Arab World.

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  1. Steve the American

    What a load of crap. Every concession Israel has made to Palestine so far has been used by the Palestinians to make more war on Israelis. The idea that Muslims will stop hating Israel if it makes this or that concession is preposterous. Muslims will hate Israel no matter what it does, good, bad, or indifferent. Hatred for Israel is baked into the Muslim cake.

    And really, all this talk about dignity and freedom for Palestinians evades the desire by Muslims to perpetrate a second Holocaust in Israel, which renders neither dignity nor freedom to Israelis. The Palestinians would not be occupied now had Muslims not attempted and failed to annihilate Israel.

    This issue will never be resolved until Muslims give up their hate, their intolerance, their inability to live on the same planet as non-Muslims.

    1. Post

      If the revolutions the Arab world has had, and is having, have debunked your standard notion of the Arab-typecast. The Palestinians, given their freedom, might very well debunk your and others’ standing view of them too.

      In either, case, neither you nor me have a hold on history and current events. The spontaneity of revolutions might even hit them there too and it will go wherever the populace allow it to.

      1. Steve the American

        I disagree, Mahmood. These Arab revolutions are a work in progress, their final shape yet to be known. The gang-rape of Lara Logan in Tahrir Square while insanely calling her a Jew is not a promising start.

        I don’t have much hope for the Palestinians, who teach their grade school children to become suicide bombers, to do anything but evil if given free reign.

        1. Post

          Your opinion is your prerogative. Mine is more optimistic from the events I have witnessed on the ground. The tide has turned, and although it’s far too early to call, the indications are even with the bumps in the road, we’re heading in the right direction. This time, without American invasions and forced democracies.

          1. Steve the American

            To date, democracy at gunpoint as in Iraq is the only proven way Arab Muslms can be brought to democracy. Their natural inclination is toward a tyrannous sharia state. While I sympathize with your hopes for your revolution to deliver a democratic state, hope is not a method. If history is a guide, these revolutions will produce more tyrannous regimes than they replaced, headed by Arab versions of Robespierre.

        2. peacefulmuslimah

          I HATE to agree with “Steve the Ugly American” but I have to this time. I have little faith or hope for there to be peace between Muslims and Jews in the Middle East. There is just too much hate and fear taught and promoted on both sides. Most Muslims will say that they don’t hate Jews, that it’s only Israelis but even that is not true and we really know it. Israeli Jews will say the same thing about Muslims — that they don’t hate or fear all Muslims, but they do. We lie to ourselves all the time. I have lived here long enough to see that what I thought was bad relations between the 2 groups back when I lived in the US, is actually far worse and a lot uglier than I ever envisioned. 🙁

          1. Steve the American

            Peacefulmuslimah, if you agree with something Steve the Ugly American says, does that make your opinion ugly, too? I’m confused on how this works.

            As for the Israelis hatred of Muslims, it tends to countered by actions. The Israelis treat their Muslim enemies in their hospitals. Muslims actually go for treatment there, cursing at Israeli doctors and nurses as they save their lives and cure their ills. How insane is that hate?

            It’s a Muslim hobby to vandalize and burn synagogues in the West. I don’t see any Jews setting fire to mosques out here.

            From my perspective, the Muslims are doing most of the hating and what Jewish hate there is, is blowback. The Koran explicitly calls upon Muslims to kill all the Jews. There is no such reciprocal sentiment in the Torah.

  2. Steve the American

    And what’s this “peaceful” revolution nonsense she’s spouting? Which current Arab revolt has proceeded without blood? The Egyptian revolt has seen perhaps a thousand people shot dead in the streets with thousands more wounded. Libya is anything but a peaceful revolt. Even tiny Bahrain has had its citizens brains splattered in the street.

    1. anon

      You’re not helping with the whole “Americans are stupid” stereotype.

      It’s sort of hard for me to explain this to you without insulting you, but I’ll try:

      Peaceful protests that are responded to with violence doesn’t mean they’re violent, it means the regimes are oppressive and have no respect for their citizens.

      And your whole “Palestinians will kill if unleashed” argument is stupid. The source of all hate is Israel right now, and with good reasons, and if Israel doesn’t try to change itself and at least _try_ to respect lives of Palestinians, nothing will change.

      1. Steve the American

        You’re not helping dispel the “Muslims are murdering bigots” stereotype with your Israel is the source of all hate nonsense. Jews live in peace with people all over the world. Muslims, by contrast, live at war with everyone all over the world. Where ever Muslims go, they attack their neighbors and patrons. But then, that’s Islamic doctrine, isn’t it? To make war on the dar al harb?

        There’s not a month that goes by in which some new plot by Muslims to kill people is not uncovered in America. This month it’s a Saudi student in a Texas university gathering chemicals so he can blow up the Americans giving him an education. His diary says he’s been dreaming about fighting jihad since he’s 14, the sick little worm. And this scenario is repeated all over the world, which has gotten a thorough education in the depraved and belligerent values of Islam.

        What would Muslims do with themselves if they weren’t hating? Hating Jews. Hating Israel. Hating the Shias or the Sunnis or the Ahmadis or the Sufis. Hating the infidels. Hating the West. Hating America.

        Where exactly has all this hate gotten you except to send you to the rear of the parade of civilizations and make your backwardness the butt of ridicule? Pull your head out of your hate and make something of yourselves.

        1. Robok

          Every action has a reaction, this world isn’t different. A lot of people have realized this already, but apparently you haven’t:
          -Israel shows and kills people and kicks them out of their houses.
          -People respond back and gather allies.
          -Israel does the same, war fought, Israel wins.
          -Israel continues to expand and kill people.
          -People respond with desperate acts of violence in retaliation.
          -Israel responds with disproportional retaliation.
          -Cycle goes on.

          And that’s just Israel/Palestine, the rest of the world still views America as the source of all evil since they openly support Israel, and after the so called “War on Terrorism” in Afghanistan (which for the sake of argument we’ll assume it was justified) and invasion of Iraq (again, assuming it’s justified) earned them more enemies than friends.

          Christ man, it’s not rocket science, you piss crazy people off, they do crazy things, it’s not like there was this much terrorism before all this started.

          Yes Muslims need to learn to live past their hatreds, yes we need to stop idiots like Bin Laden teaching the youth that sacrificing yourself will get you 72 virgins, but we’re sure as hell not the source of the problem here.

          1. A Ruckus of Dogs


            I thought the Jews were the source of all the world’s evil. Now it’s the Americans? When did that happen? Did the Americans steal the Jews’ copyright?

            Now that I think it over, Arab governments have racked up vastly more body counts than the Isrealis.

          2. Steve the American


            If all the world thinks America is evil, why are there such long lines to get a visa at every American embassy? Do people just naturally flock to Satan’s lair or what?

            If America is evil, how come it is the Arab governments shooting protestors in the street and not America? Heck, a few years back I saw a crowd of 5000 Muslim protestors camped in front of the White House calling America every dirty name in the book and praising Hezbollah, but not one of them got shot or even arrested. Was the Great Satan snoozing that day? If we are so evil, why do we treat Muslim protestors better than Muslim countries treat them?

            Only idiots and Muslim bigots think American is the source of all evil, mostly because their governments and clerics preach hatred for America to distract from their own screw ups. Yes, Muslims are the problem because they are taught a doctrine of hatred and belligerence from birth, which is how they approach the world.

            Instead of vainly trying to destroy Israel, Muslims should by copying its success. If it weren’t for oil, Arab Muslim countries would produce next to nothing of value to the world. Israel, by contrast, has leveraged its human capital to be a wealth-producing center of entrepreneurship and technical innovation. If the Muslims don’t abandon their hate and learn the lessons of Israel, they will bequeath a life of poverty to their grandchildren when the oil runs out in fifty years.

            And if you don’t learn those lessons, Israel will own you in the next century.

  3. ahmed kaiksow

    To Steve the American: you’re a Dumbfuck, like at least 50% of your fellow amerikans. If you live in Bahrain, pls send me your address!!

    1. Post
    2. Steve the American

      We Americans live in a democracy with individual rights guaranteed by law, walked on the moon, cured polio. What have you done to equal we American dumb fucks? Your own country shoots you down in the street like dogs, doesn’t allow you to speak your minds, and doesn’t trust you to command your own lives. Isn’t it embarassing to live dumber than an American dumb fuck?

      The Muslims will rain bones on the Earth before they give up their hate enough to build a future for themselves. You can not acquire freedom and dignity for yourselves when you seek to deny it to everyone else. Abandon your hate.

    1. Steve the American

      Agree with who? If you agree with Mahmood, then you will be lauded in this forum as temperate thinker of measured opinion. However, if you are so foolish as to agree with me, well, then you’re probably some sort of dangerous maniac, an Islamophobe perhaps.

  4. elayeye

    note to steve: jews ≠ israelis ≠ zionists. so if jews live in peace with people all over the world, that is so awesome! and it says nothing about israeli state policy. (btw muslims also live in peace with people all over the world! and it says nothing about the state policies of various arab/muslim regimes.)

    1. Steve the American

      Muslims do not live in peace with anyone in the world. I challenge you to name one nation where Muslims live where they have not committed an atrocity against their neighbors. Name one.

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