Bahrain’s Shame

I love it when our enlightened officials use the severely broken record of “we’re a democracy” while they literally sign off on the destitution of their own countrymen for daring to exercise their democratic rights. To add insult to injury, even when the land’s King orders, orders their re-instatement, they completely ignore that royal order as if it’s not important and not worth of the slightest consideration. What and whom are they following exactly to be this belligerent?

So far, according to (a much rejuvenated Al-Wasat) 2,593 have been unfairly fired. I say and emphasize the word unfairly as the only reason for losing their jobs was due to their exercising of one of their basic human rights. 2,593 from 199 companies and the public sector. 1,643 from eight entities who have trampled their very own lifelines, their employees in a race the end result of which is to ensure the starvation of the largest amount of families of their compatriots as possible! Those who have excelled at this vocation are now inducted in a particular hall of shame that Bahrain will never forget. That hall of shame belongs to ALBA, Bapco, Ministry of Health, Gulf Air, Batelco, Ministry of Education, Khalifa Port and the Ministry of Municipalities all of whom account for the misery of 63% of all of those unfairly dismissed.

Put in another perspective, according to the secretary general of the Bahrain Labour Unions those despicable 199 entities are directly responsible for the hardships that 13,000 Bahrainis find themselves in with their breadwinners out of a job.

What the hell are they thinking?

Doctors, engineers, teachers, tradesmen and a plethora of other worthy individuals are out of jobs. Do those companies not have any balls whatsoever as to stand their ground and refuse to enact orders relayed by midnight callers? Ok, we know that they don’t, they’re afraid for their own positions and benefits, but why the mad chest beating rush and which-hunts? Don’t they realize the extreme damage that this situation can do to the health of their own companies? What would the remaining employees think of the company and its management? I bet that every single employee within those despicable entities cannot help but think that their own turn will come! It might not be for the same reasons, but if they see that other employees are so summarily and unfairly dumped, regardless of their length of service nor their deserved excellent local and international reputations, how easy would it be to dispense with them too? And for whatever infantile and ludicrous reason?

For those who are dancing on their co-workers’ graves, those who snitched, poked and stabbed their own brothers and sisters to be put in the literal firing line, where is your humanity? Where is your dignity? Where is your self-worth?

13,000 of my countrymen are at the risk of missed opportunities and continuous nightmares for doing nothing but expressing their views.

Know this; though, I bet that when they get used to the nightmares they will turn into a more belligerent and more extreme force that might very well rock the country, even more than what it’s at now, and those 199 entities as well as the government who is complicit in this, are directly responsible for this phenomenon. So thank you for destroying yet another generation.

What’s to be done, then? Like other great events in history, this is the time for a brave and responsible man to stand and take the helm. That man should not wait it out, because time now is the mortal enemy. The future of this country and its people are hanging in the balance and only strong, just and resolute decisions will rescue this country from the brink. This is where actual and much needed political, financial, labour, education and societal reform starts. And they all need a strong man with vision who is not afraid to step up on deck and take the helm in story seas. That journey is long and hard and won’t resolve overnight. But the country and its future children deserve the trouble.

To those 199 entities and the witch hunters. Your legacy will be shame, and you will be forgotten. Parasites that you are.


  1. Cathy

    I think this is what upsets me most about all of the unrest. Just for standing up for what they believe — and not all protestors were violent — people were targeted, slandered and lost their jobs. That’s not okay. Thanks for talking about it. And putting it into a format in which people can visualize the depth of the discrimination.

  2. Emile

    Well written Mahmood. I pray and hope that somebody out there is listening and taking heed of the results.

  3. al aziz

    Thank you Mahmood,

    Why is this happening? Is there a great MAN who can stop this mess? In the whole history of Bahrain did anything Savage, Inhumane, Non-Ethical, Non-Religious and Barbaric happen like whats happening now?

    Did the Great Wise Men of the Bahrain Monarchy, Parliament, Shura Council and Political and Social and Religious Leaders think of the long term consequences of such Cowardly Act?

    Where are we heading and whose responsible? When is Bahrain DEAD?

  4. Mazen

    Hi bro. Agreed, but plz define Unfairly fired. Do u include the ppl that didn’t appear to work for 15 or 30 days? If yes, I strongly disagree with you as that should not be within their rights.

    1. Post

      This is an excellent question Mazen and I honestly don’t have a ready answer for it.

      I personally have witnessed that at Pearl, the crowds were larger at night than they were during normal working hours, which would probably account for the majority of people going about their business as normally as circumstances permitted, and they gather at night to show their support to the cause.

      I also realize that a part-time rebellion or revolution does not tend to happen, nor do they have any tangible impact in the long term, so some sacrifices must be made in an attempt to sustain them and those believing in such a cause by absenting themselves from their work must have realized that should they fail, then they will be fired or have other legal implications to contend with; hence, maybe if the employer does not have any sympathy to their cause, he might exercise his right to dismiss them and call that dismissal fair. The demonstrators who chose to absentee themselves for 15 days or more must have / should have weight the situation and if they continued in their protest in such a manner, they must have accepted what is levied upon them.

      Having said that, I can tell you that the “rebellion” is stronger now than it was then, so did people learn from the circumstances and channel their energy in different ways to make their views and chagrin known? Maybe. In any case, employers must exercise their ethics in deciding what and how to deal with this situation, having witch-hunting committees specifically targeting people based on their faith or for exercising their right to demonstrate is extreme and can and does affect the morale of the organization and its future economic prospects.

  5. Elish NeLine

    13,000 people out of work lol so they all had jobs good ones at that , so why were they demonstrating?Why were doctors and nurses protesting all over the hospital grounds chanting? that is sick they are educated people and their job is to care for all no matter who they are or where they come from, I say shame on them . In any country where there are probs do u see the doctors and nurses running around like mad people and leaving their sick patients to fend for themselves?No excuses for them ,even if bombs were dropping all around them they should be there to help all patients and not crying and screaming, they are doctors they are the ones should be brave for their patients . look at Palestine a country at real war and so many people being killed men women and children for example poor Palestine when they were attacked being murdered did u see the doctors and nurses running around and crying when they saw children’s dead bodies coming in one by one , I am not saying that they did not have a heart but they were strong for others. Wake up and smell the propaganda around Bahrain .

    1. Post

      Ah. Welcome all ye bogus persons and trolls. I must be doing something right.

      Thanks for the confirmation.

  6. Ebrahim

    13000 are the total persons without someone to feed them.
    you need to back to the article to understand my friend.
    even if they have the highest level of jobs, that doesn’t stop them from asking for reforms my dear. the doctors are in jail not because they were marching, simply because they have talked to the international media. It seems that you were watching Bahrain TV and Wesal tv a lot and had the idea that doctors have not treated patients based on their sect.
    Doctors are human at the end and they have hearts. Anyone who have seen the situation in SMC has cried in a way or other. wake up my dear

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