Selective security

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While I abhor the Molotov cocktail attack on Samira Rajab’s residence and regard it as a heinous crime not to be condoned at all, especially when consideration is given that this attack was most probably undertaken due to Ms Rajab’s opinions and political position, I am left at a loss as to how the security services can find and apprehend the perpetrators within a day of the incident and those even more severe attacks on the two Wa’ad HQs in both Manama and Muharraq, the attack on the Wefaq Secretary General’s residence and countless opposition MPs, doctors, journalists and writers are still at large!

What gives?

  • FYI
    29 October 2011

    Why can’t we all just call something wrong without adding any BUTS.

    Molotoving a house is wrong NO BUTS.
    Torture in Jail (or anywhere else) is wrong NO BUTS.
    Firing people from their jobs for saying something is wrong NO BUTS.
    Spilling oil on a highway is wrong NO BUTS.


    • mahmood
      30 October 2011

      That logic is flawed in this case.

      Or should we stop at condemning the attack on Rajab’s house and accept those on the others listed? I condemned both and called for the security services to take the incidents with the same amount of seriousness which is very obviously lacking at the moment as has amply been demonstrated by the few events I listed.