Saudi King Abdullah called for the formation of a Gulf union in response to growing threats, as rulers of the wealthy Arab GCC met on Monday against a backdrop of regional turmoil and fears over Iran.

“I ask today that we move from a phase of cooperation to a phase of union within a single entity,” said the Saudi king, addressing his counterparts at the opening of the annual Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Riyadh.

He did not elaborate on what form such a union might take, or any proposed steps to create it.
“You must realise that our security and stability are threatened and we need to live up to our responsibilities,” said King Abdullah. [source]

With all due respect, ehm, we see an above-the-fold headline in all the papers today stating that the GCC Currency, something that was supposed to be in the works for some 25 years and was supposed to be enacted in 2000, then in 2010 and now completely off the table and now you talk of a full fledged GCC Union? (previous link in Arabic, but have a look at this quick search and prepare for an enviable head-spin!)

Well, I’m normally an optimist, but in this case and based on precedent, you will forgive me for not holding my breath.

What else will this GCC summit come out with I wonder?

  • Emile Almahdi
    19 December 2011

    It’s like taking the talk, and not walking the walk, like you said some 25 years ago. I think the European union is younger than the GCC, the difference is visible. I’m holding my breath….

  • Ayman
    19 December 2011

    Fear has some amazing powers. Wait and see.

  • yqxo
    19 December 2011

    Ingenious solution to prolong Arab dictatorships! Making one legal force that can invade any Arab country when ever peaceful uprising occurs.

    I applaud the great reformer Saudi King Abdullah.

  • Anarchist
    20 December 2011

    Excuse me, but can anyone actually tell me what exactly has been achieved by the GCC over the last 25 years?

    Lots of promises, lots of talk, probably vast expenditure but buggerall action.

    Oh, we do have virtually no customs tariffs between the countries . . . or do we?

    • mahmood
      20 December 2011

      Try starting a business in any of the other sister states and you’ll know what’s been achieved!

  • Gulab Jamun
    21 December 2011

    They’re just a fraternity of dictators posing as beloved and benign rulers in a close-knit country club. The writings on Egyptian, Tunisian, Syrian, Yemeni and other walls have failed to garner their attention. And to focus the attention of the mostly meek public into somewhere else, hey, look no further than BIG, BAD IRAN with its unquenched lust for usurping the Arab world and sending its people to oblivion!

  • exclamation mark
    21 December 2011

    First they wanted to include Morocco and Jordan… And this union????
    Do those people know what they want???

    I suggest a Union for Royal families in the arab world… wasn’t that what they want in the beginning??

  • Salman Al Rahma
    21 December 2011

    The reason for forming the GCC in the first place was a security, as a precaution to balance Iran’s position and power.
    I think a unity is possible but it is a unity in the same line, a unity for them means a unity of police force, army, etc not a political or economical unity.

    In fact, this is the only reason why they want to add Jordan, Morocco or even Egypt to GCC.

    Keep in mind that this unity is for the safety and security of the regimes only; stating the obvious.

  • Steve the American
    21 December 2011

    If the Saudis are recommending it, how could it possibly be bad? Why, the Saudis are the most peaceful, trustworthy, and competent people on the planet! I’m sure they’d only have your best interests at heart.

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