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I am gutted.

You know I spent quite some time designing, building and planting my xeriscaped border outside my house as a contribution to my neighborhood, country and environment. Unfortunately, some vandals – most probably kids who go to the school opposite my house – continue to wreak havoc in it by willfully damaging the plants.

Here are just some of the heart-wrenching results of their labors:

I will survive! vandalized cactus plant

and these taken yesterday:

vandalized cactus plant

The question I have is why? Why do they have to do this? They throw rocks at the lovely plants and just walk away. What do they actually get out of it?  And what can I do to prevent them from doing this?

  • Mahmood Al-Yousif
    2 May 2012

    Thankfully, there wasn’t any incident that I could see outside today. I’m really glad that school will be out soon for the summer holidays, it’ll give the plants some breather!

  • Mark
    6 May 2012

    With your talent a few hidden cameras aimed at the plants will catch the culprits for you. If they are from the school I suspect the school will take some action against them as well.

    I will never understand why some people feel the need to destroy others hard work and property like this. If I ever caught them in the act the culprits would soon be a victim and I would be in jail.

    • mahmood
      7 May 2012

      I’m seriously considering this option Mark.

  • Mark
    7 May 2012

    Sad that you have to consider doing the cameras but that is going to be the only way to catch them unless you jus happen to get lucky at some point and catch the perps in the act. I know you pour your heart and soul into your garden like I do and when someone destroys what you have worked so hard on it makes your blood boil. One would hope that if it is the students from the school causing the damage that 1) The School would want to know and 2) The little perps parents would want to know that their precious little snowflakes aren’t acting so precious.

    I hope your walls have been spared the graffiti that seems to pop up nearly everywhere as well. Reglrdless of what “cause” the graffiti might display it is nothing more than cowardly vandalism in my mind and a sad blight on personal property and the neighborhood as well.

  • Barry
    17 May 2012

    I’ve found that it’s children whose parents have not taught them to respect what belongs to other people. Even so, people often see plants as things they can touch, molest, ruin, or pick. I’ve yelled at kids in my neighborhood for picking roses off of a neighbor’s plant and they give a rather incredulous look when I do it.

    Something that might be helpful is perhaps a rather spiny barrier plant you’re not in love with that can remove after your new plants have taken hold. We have a native shrub here that is so spiny that not even cats will cross into it:

    Fuchsia flowered gooseberry (Ribes speciosum). We also have a rose here that does the same but it spreads by runners so if it likes where it is, it’s a pest to remove.

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