Unneeded Escalation

I don’t write as often here not because the absence of rich material to blog about, but after so many years of doing so, I feel that I’m now seriously in a “broken record” mode. I feel that I’ve written about so many similar situations over the past ten years and have given the same advice and held on to the same hope that things will change for the better. Soon. Only to be disappointed time and again.

Here’s a clear example. What I warned against has not only become reality, but has all the hallmarks of escalating and actually becoming the norm:

4 Policemen Injured in Home-made Bomb Blast in Bahrain

At least four policemen were injured on Saturday in a bomb attack in a Bahraini Shiite neighborhood, the country’s Interior Ministry said.

It is the third attack targeting policemen in less than a month, according to the ministry.

“Four policemen were injured, one of them was in critical condition, in a terror blast in Bani Jamra,” said the ministry.

Last month, five policemen were injured after a home-made bomb exploded near the Sitra police station ahead of the F1 Grand Prix 2012 in Bahrain.

On April 9, three policemen sustained serious injuries after a bomb made with petrol exploded in East Eker, close to Sitra.

The country also witnessed armed robberies targeting money exchange recently.

At least two cases have been registered as masked gunmen entered money exchange outlets in Riffa and Salmabad and took over 25,000 BD (about 66,300 U.S. dollars).

On April 29, a gym owned by Bahraini MP Osama Al Tamimi came under attack allegedly due to his outspoken criticism against the government. Police then found 30 bullets scattered around the gym, but no one was injured.


Need I say more?

I find it more satisfying and rewarding blogging about gardening instead of this crap.

  • fed up to but trying not to be
    8 May 2012

    Isnt that the problem, once we all get fed up of this crap, nothing will change and we just accept to continue as it. Something is very wrong in the country now is the time we have to speak up….isnt it? Don’t keep quiet Mahmood, Bahrain needs people like you to voice the feelings of so many of us. We dont want homemade bombs, we dont want violence, we dont want robberies, we want freedom of speech, we want an elected and accountable government, we want a police force representative of the people not imported. We need changes, we need the no Sunni no Shia just Bahraini ideals now more than ever, don’t give up. Gardening is nice too though.

  • Mohamed CJ
    10 May 2012

    Just a note for you Mahmood. The home-made bomb is fake news. I live in Bani Jamra, so does most of my family and friends. None of us heard any sound of bombing that night. In fact riot police had already started crackdown with tear gas on the village 30 minutes before this announcement by MOI. The injury displayed in the pro-gov forums is cause by a sound grenade which police use.

    A bomb has a sound. A bomb usually kills. A bomb needs special materials and experience to make. If there was anyone in Bahrain opposition who knows how to make a bomb, he/she would have done so in March 2011 when tanks with armed soldiers used to attack villages.

  • Richard Jones
    19 May 2012

    Time to arm the Shia of Bahrain with more than the rocks suppied in Gazza.

    • mahmood
      19 May 2012

      Well, that’s a sure way to descend into civil war. Bahrain doesn’t need that. There is still plenty of opportunities to resolve our differences between ourselves using peaceful means. More sustainable this way.

  • Milter
    23 May 2012

    Mahmood, I haven’t been here for a while and I fully understand your comment about the “broken record”. Some younger readers may not know the meaning of “sounding like a broken record”, but, I do and I disagree with you.

    A broken record keeps repeating exactly the same, same, same 3-4 seconds of a piece of music, over and over and over again, until somebody does something about it. The crude listener will give the arm a push, the gentler and more considerate person will lift the arm and place the cartridge carefully at a point after the scratch in the grooves. Regardless of the method, the result for the music lover is continued pleasure and listening.

    Your comments in this blog are appreciated and welcomed in many places. I refer other people to your blog to remind them of sensible voices in Bahrain and The Middle East in general. It’s voices like yours that are needed to bring about the necessary changes in people’s minds towards more peaceful and less confrontational solutions.

    Many of your comments may be debating the same subjects over and over again, but, to many of your readers they do not sound like a broken record. A piece of music is, in fact, a repetition of a limited number of notes and so are words. The impact of words and notes comes from the way they are composed.

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