Oh the hard life!

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George, tired, just after a full night of rest :)

This is just too cute not to share here. This is
George, tired again after just waking up this morning!

Have a great, energy filled morning my friends 🙂

  • Emile Almahdi
    8 May 2012

    Check out them fangs….

  • Dave
    8 May 2012

    Fine looking lad. Tough life for a well looked after putty tat! You still got the German Shepherd?

    • mahmood
      8 May 2012

      Thanks Dave. No, Gnasher unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. We still have Phoebe though and she’s a joy!

  • Lee County Clowder
    8 May 2012

    Hey, George. You have a nice garden to hang out in.

Unneeded Escalation
Oh the hard life!