Mohammedi Rose

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Mohammedi RoseI think this is a “single” Sultani or as they’re called locally “Mohammedi” Rose. It has a very nice scent. Unforutnately some bugs have taken a shine to these and other bushes in my garden and they’re chomping at the leaves and damaging flowers. I’ll take some advice from the botanists in the Budaiya experimental farms and hope that they’ll identify what needs to be done, if anything.

Do you have any idea what’s chomping at my plants?

  • Barry
    17 May 2012

    Mahmood: Generally, chewed leaf margins indicate some sort of caterpillar. It’s also a rather charming rose. Reminds me of some of the more vine-like ones I’ve seen growing.

    • mahmood
      18 May 2012

      Hey Barry, it’s been a while and it’s great to see your comments again.

      Thanks for the confirmation of caterpillars. I looked under the leafs and around the plants but can’t find any. I do have a number of butterflies in the garden and like having them around. I suppose if I spray the plants, then those butterflies will disappear. So the question must be which I value more?

      I’d say the plants!

      I wonder if there is any organic stuff I can use. I’ll try with soap and water spray and see how it goes.

  • Mark
    23 May 2012


    Neem is all you need. You can find the concentrate at any nursery that is worth it own salt. It is the only pesticide I now use. Best of all it is 100% organic.

    • mahmood
      27 May 2012

      I tried that before but it didn’t do anything unfortunately Mark. Willing to try again and see how it goes.

  • Mark
    27 May 2012

    Neem didn’t kill whatever was nibbling on your plants? WOW! I am shocked,

    Seriously though the one drawback with neem is it washes off when you water. So hold off on watering for a couple of days after you use it. This may not of course be easy to do as it is getting hotter and hotter every day.

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