Peace through Media Award

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A well deserved award for Dr Mansoor Al-Jamri and his paper. Al-Wasat has proven itself the only independent newspaper in Bahrain if not the Gulf and beyond. While I have become more skeptical of late, I tend to give news articles much more credence than any of the other papers in Bahrain and its columns, more thought.

Well done Al-Wasat. Onward and upward and leave the others eating your dust!

  • Wayne Job
    24 May 2012

    A deserved award, I hope this man and his paper prosper, and come out the other side of your troubles as a leading light. I am at a loss that muslim countries will ever see the light of real freedom. A quantum leap over a few centuries of thought and development is a big jump. Those like yourself Mahmood are a small minority, you have seen the world of the infidel most have not. Tho’ all of us are not good our world is based on love and compassion for people and creatures great and small. We look from the outside into your world and we see countries and societies based on hatred for all things that are not the same as them. The internet is awakening some to the possibilities of our beautiful world but education of the wrong kind and governance, political and religious propaganda hold sway over untold millions of people. This news paper is a tiny start in your freedom, may it continue and not be erased. Do not be swayed, for your basic beliefs of freedom and the innate goodness of most people is real and the basis of western society. Your small country through tribulation may end as a shining light for others to follow or a darkness that many countries seem to hide in. I hope it is the former. An Australian Infidel.

  • exclamation mark
    28 May 2012

    It is an award that had been earned! And the price paid in order to spread the truth was worth it.

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