Happy Cycus

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One of the two happy Cycuses in my garden. Love the fresh green color of the new growth.

  • Myrna
    5 June 2012

    I know this by the name of Olive tree. I always wanted to have one but it’s quite expensive. But just looking at your pictures, I already feel I own one. Thumbs up.

    • mahmood
      5 June 2012

      The olive trees are completely different and yes, these are expensive and hard to get by as the government here has apparently banned their import. They’re afraid of some of its parasites can damage the indigenous palm trees.

  • Mark
    6 June 2012


    Cycus are very toxic to pets if they chew on them. Just an FYI so watch the household critters with them.

    Love these plants. If yours happens to seed I would love a couple of them to propogate.

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Happy Cycus