Say hello to the Araucaria cookii

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Now that the sick palm is out, I decided not to replace it with another one. But I thought I would like to have a big tree there in any case, and as I’ve seen how beautiful the Araucaria looked in my neighbour’s garden, which is easily 15 meters tall, I’d go for that one too. Al-Bader on the Janabiya highway fortunately had a few in stock so I went there and got one. Here it is, happy in its new location so far.

  • Mark
    9 July 2012

    Nice choice Mahmood! I am sure you will be very happy watching this tree mature.

    I had a long time customer of mine send me lots of Adenium seeds from 20 or so different varities. I had no idea there are that many varities of Adenium. You learn something new everyday. Can’t wait to get them germinating in the greenhouse.

    Hope you are doing well.


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