Rogue Police or Systematic Terrorism?

Another day, and another staggering example of Bahraini police inhumanity, irresponsibility and criminality which can only be borne of the certain escape from prosecution is shown to the world:


What possible reason encourages someone who’s been entrusted with the upkeep of the law and protection of citizens to do the diametric opposite and wilfully endanger the very charges he has been sworn (presumably) to protect?

And what of his colleagues who are sitting in those air conditioned Jeeps? Did their conscience not at least tickle them to prevent their team mate from carrying out this heinous and completely unnecessary act or throwing that tear gas canister into a ladies beauty parlour? What danger do those inside pose?

This is not the only instance in which we witnessed such behaviour from the Bahraini police. There are tens of others which are easily accessible to show that there is no other interpretation to their consistent brutality other than acquiescence from the very top of their pyramid. If there wasn’t, then what possible reason is there that clearly identified personnel demonstrably disregarding basic human logic by inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering from being prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law to ensure that others like them – like those persons in those two vehicles shown in the video above who are fully culpable in this crime – don’t follow suit?

It is absolutely abhorrent that these crimes are being perpetrated on human beings, it is even more so to find these acts are condoned and encouraged by the absence of any intent to prosecute and persecute those perpetrating them.

Security is absent in this country and it shall continue to be so until people answer for their actions in a universally applied rule of law.

Bahraini police terrorises residents

  • Peter Clifford
    3 September 2012

    As always, Mahmoud, you are spot on. How can anyone in the world take the Al Khalifa Government seriously in anything the say when they do nothing to curb this persistent persecution of the Shia majority?

    If the Government think anyone is taken in, never mind the Shia population, by their constant bleating about “justice, equality,dialogue, law and order and democracy” then they are more stupid than I thought.

  • exclamation mark
    4 September 2012


    That is the result of “importing” animals with human skin from other countries, and had been “hand picked” for sure. Mostly they are brought in from environments that had not been modernized, in fact modernization is too much for them! They should have been living in the 1600s or 1700s! Not to forget that those people – in the environments they come from – had been programmed for “Shia Hatred”, as an example look at the sectarian killings by the so called revolutionaries from Dair Al Zour, or the killings of shia and other religions in Pakistan! Have you heard of the mulla in pakistan that had framed a young girl to accuse her of burning the quran, this is a specimen of what we have here in Bahrain as police!!

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Rogue Police or Systematic Terrorism?