When the gun debate rages in the States after the killing of 27 people, mostly children, with the prevailing view to limit guns’ availability, in Bahrain the situation seems to have been reversed, with some people not only having easy access to them, but use them to terrorise others while the normally vocal authorities on “terrorism” quite quiet. That of course, leaves much room for interpretation. Are those vigilante terrorists officially condoned? I do hope that something is done about this phenomenon. And fast.

Have a look at the video…

  • Observer
    27 December 2012

    I totally agree guns should only be in the hands of professionals in law enforcement or the military. Each weapon is registered and can easily be traced, also those who have them are trained in firearm safety.

    However I don’t agree with the other point you raised. Guns are strictly controlled in Bahrain even owning bullets is not allowed.

    The toy guns used in the video were realistic but not real. You can tell by the huge puff of smoke seen with each discharge. The last time I saw something similar was when I was watching a Clint Eastwood western.


  • Steve the American
    29 December 2012

    All the guns were in the hands of the military and professional law enforcement in Nazi Germany. How did that work out? When people are denied the right to bear arms and cannot defend themselves, the government eventually rolls over them.

  • Richard Mechan
    7 January 2013

    Give the Shia the guns and of course the bullets and ” let’s play shoot the Al-Khalifa bunny rabbits”, Please note that this only a local and personal comment, ment in jest and therefor not ment to offend or insite.

  • Richard Mechan
    7 January 2013

    As the the only known Brit to go through Adallia (CID headquaters, 9months solitary) and Manma Fort(3months solitary) andthen Jau(Jaw) 3 straight years. And then to be released by HMG. Do you think that I may have an insight to Bahrain, having tred the same steps that these new ‘political prisioners’ have. “Yes” I am sure that they will be looked after, but should they be there in the fist place? Mahmood please post this, “Min _Heterirm_Sadie.

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