Bahrain welcomes ISIS

Oh yes it does.

With open arms too.

And their modus operandi is to quell the demands for democracy.

Someone should really tell those in power to be really careful what they wish for. The oft used “divide and conquer” strategy doesn’t really work in this day and age. For one thing, people are a bit smarter due to the ready availability of information. More than that, people now ask questions and read dissenting views to make up their own minds.

First, Understand that the human spirit will always espouse democracy and respect of human rights. Nothing will change that. So get that through your heads.

Second, in 2011 I have witnessed two of the most courageous decisions ever made by a Bahraini monarch. The king apologised for a citizen’s killing, and he ordered an international commission of enquiry to find out what happened in an impartial way.

Third, something happened which derailed that nobel initiative.

Fourth, for goodness sake, understand that those who derailed those initiatives are not your friends, and it’s because of them that people are suffering and unfairness rules.

Bahrain now is literally living under apartheid rule.

How is that conducive to the propagation and safe handover of rule, is beyond me.

This void must be addressed, and it will only be addressed by recognising that those machinations do not and will never work.

How is it that now Bahrain is exporting terror? With citizens actively encouraged to join the ranks of that morally bankrupt ISIS? Or any other war for that matter? How is it that we get intellectual mercenaries preach hate and are actually encouraged to do so, and do so with impunity? How is it that monsters cloaked with religiosity actively encouraging and condoning death and destructions be allowed to do so? How is it that the majority of the population be allowed to live under constant fear and subjugation? When all it takes is doing the decent thing to reverse wrongs?

What do we need to get that courage we witnessed in 2011 back?