A bit of nostalgia

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old Bahraini 100 Fils note
Did we have more taste then than we have now?

Life was more colourful then, as this beautifully simple currency shows. It harkens back to a time when things appeared easier. And as far as I can remember, even the weather was a much better! I still remember the smells of those balmy summer nights as we watched the stars in a dark, unpolluted sky as we dozed off to sleep on mats on the roof. Sans air conditioning other than an occasional breeze.

I’m not suggesting that it was all idillic. As in any age, challenges existed, but they didn’t seem that insurmountable. However, I’ll admit as I wasn’t expected to make my own at that time, I wouldn’t be the most reliable judge. Suffice it to say that my dad did work multiple jobs and my mother did her bit of entrepreneurship too to support the family and make ends meet. We got by.

I hope that the picture of the 100 Fils note brought a smile to your face; those of you who not only remember it, but actually used it.

How do you remember that bygone time? Does any particular image or sound come to your mind when you’re pulled back?

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

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A bit of nostalgia