#JohnKerry in Bahrain

John Kerry

John KerryAs I type this, there is a joint press conference by the foreign secretaries of the US of A and Bahrain.

Here’s what I expect #JohnKerry to state. Ready? Here goes:

Blaaah blah blah bla. Blaah bla bla bla bla bla bla blaaaaah bl #IRAN blablablablabla bla blaaaaah bla bla bl blaha blahhhhh #ISIS bla bla blaaaaaaah bla bla #IRAN bl #SYRIA #bla bla bla blaaaaaah bla #YEMEN bla (human rights) bla bla blaaaab ablallaballbalbabhhh bla blaaaaa #IRAN!

#lunch? ehm, yeah, sure. ehm, let’s go!

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  1. Post

    What did I tell you?

    Have a look at this report evaluating his visit:

    Kerry, who was to meet with all of America’s allies in the region later in the day, made no specific mention of the repression or discrimination against Bahrain’s Shiite majority that human rights groups say is routine. His criticism was more forceful toward the opposition for boycotting previous elections.

    “That polarizes things instead of helping,” he said.

    Huh? Oh! It’s bla blaaah bla bla blaah blaaaaaaa…. carry on.

  2. Svend Jespersen

    Yes, the language of diplomacy is a very hard one to master. The article you link to also tells about how “Kerry tiptoed over the sensitive matter of the kingdom’s human rights record”. He could, of course, have listened to the suggestion from human rights groups to “…publicly chastise the government.” That, I am certain, would have pleased some, but, how productive or counterproductive would that have been in the attempts to solve the present situation?

    Sometimes just keeping your mouth shut can be the best solution, especially when you find yourself in an environment where so many subjects can suddenly become sensitive matters.

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