The adverse effects of impunity on humanity

a muslim and a jew in new york

I happened across a couple of posts on Facebook which clearly demonstrated to me the adverse effects of impunity on humanity.

In the first instance, we witness a member of the Israeli forces physically tipping over a handicapped Palestinian in a wheelchair and then physically assaults him. The situation around that crime quickly descends in to chaos and becomes an unsafe place to be.

The question that came into my mind as I watched the following film was:

“What do these people get fed intellectually to get them to act with such impunity? How much are they given freedoms to picture the Palestinians as devoid of humanity to get them to justify their actions in their minds to be this inhuman toward them? This is simply despicable and inexcusable. Impunity should be rescinded and these people of the Israeli forces or any other forces for that matter should be held accountable for their actions, and their systems should be dismantled so this situation would never happen again.”

On the other hand, another video shows what can happen if a safe environment presents itself as a given, if the rule of law is applied equally without discrimination. My thoughts when I watched this second video were:

“On the other hand, when rule of law is applied, and impunity is punished and people are held accountable for their own actions, a safe platform presents itself for peace seeking people to utilise.”

Isn’t it more conducive to a better quality of life for the second situation to be the norm rather than the first?


  1. Don Cox

    I think your question can equally be asked about members of Hamas, or about Khameini.
    The whole Middle East is full of hatred of people with different religious beliefs, as Europe was in the 17th century. Perhaps time will cure this, perhaps not.
    Faith is the underlying problem.

    1. Post

      Although relevant, it’s not the issue I wished to highlight here specifically Don. I was talking specifically about how impunity from prosecution leads to the creation of monsters in the shape of human beings.

  2. Don Cox

    I completely agree with you that impunity breeds monsters. I just thought your example was ill chosen as it introduces other factors, and we don’t know what disciplinary action the perpetrator was subject to.

    A better example would be police and jailers world wide who beat up prisoners.

    1. Post

      But the contention here is that these monsters wouldn’t have dared become so inhumane had there been proper oversight and if they were penalised for their actions. The absence of such oversight and consequences is what created these situations in the first place.

  3. Don Cox

    Again, I agree with your basic contention but not with your example. In that case, the incident began with a knife attack by a Muslim girl. The girl was shot and wounded. (Which is certainly a consequence.)
    The Jewish soldier was trying to clear the area so that an ambulance could take her to hospital, and the man in the wheelchair was refusing to stand back.
    Obviously the incident was badly handled, but what is the correct method of handling teenagers who make attacks with knives? And passers-by who support them ?
    Anyway, it is all being investigated.
    I have noted a number of cases where Jewish soldiers or police have been prosecuted for excessive violence. I don’t think they are an example of impunity.

    In my opinion, jailers in Egypt or Zimbabwe, who really can mistreat people horribly with no consequences, are a much better example.

  4. arie

    I prefer to look at positive developments, they really are there and growing in magnitude. Few years ago i (geologist , probing for water etc) was for some time in Wadi Rum in Jordan. After a few days the local people asked me if i wanted something “happy”, speak a little arab which opens hearts.. Of course i said. In the late evening they drove me into the the desert, which is beautifull,and brought me to a secret meeting place. Jews and Arabs..singing..eating and meeting. Never forget this.

    1. Post

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