Life in my garden

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I love my little pond. It’s always full of life and the sound of the water calms me. I visit as often as I can, even if I just pass by when I arrive home and have a quick look. There’s always life in my garden.

Passing by yesterday at lunch, I noticed a couple of dragonflies at the pond. I stood still and put my finger up in the hope that one of them would land. I had done that before. This time; however, none would take the bate. My wife arrived soon thereafter and she came over to say hello. Seeing what I was doing, she nonchalantly put up her finger and within seconds a dragonfly landed on her finger tip! I cursed the dragonflies, of course, to my wife’s hearty laughter.

After she had gone inside, I thought I’d give it another go. Fortunately I was second time lucky, as you can see, and I enjoyed their company for a few minutes before heading inside for lunch.

I’m so grateful for my home and lovely little garden. And for being able to share it with family and friends too.

Have wonderful morning.

Nasfah Halawa – ناصفة حلاوة and Ramadan Kareem
Life in my garden