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A beautiful home for sale

A beautiful home for sale

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We’ve spent 13 years in our current home and most of those have truly been the best in all our lives. We made 1813 a place of quiet and safe refuge for us. We love the coolness and tranquility of the spaces inside the house, and the various “rooms” we’ve created in the garden – which won an award at the Bahrain International Garden Show. A point of pride for me.

But it’s now time to move on and make space for another fortunate family to be happy in it.

So if you would like a beautiful, safe and tranquil place to enjoy with your family, please have a look at http://1813.mahmood.tv you might just be fortunate enough to move into it and enjoy what it offers for decades to come.

Give me a call on 33668811 and I’d be glad to give you a grand tour. But please, serious buyers only. Thank you.


Spring in my garden

Spring in my garden

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I shot this film this morning before work. Just had a chance to edit it. Loving the cottage garden feel of this year’s planting. Enjoy this one minute of peace and beauty.


Life in my garden

Life in my garden

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I love my little pond. It’s always full of life and the sound of the water calms me. I visit as often as I can, even if I just pass by when I arrive home and have a quick look. There’s always life in my garden.

Passing by yesterday at lunch, I noticed a couple of dragonflies at the pond. I stood still and put my finger up in the hope that one of them would land. I had done that before. This time; however, none would take the bate. My wife arrived soon thereafter and she came over to say hello. Seeing what I was doing, she nonchalantly put up her finger and within seconds a dragonfly landed on her finger tip! I cursed the dragonflies, of course, to my wife’s hearty laughter.

After she had gone inside, I thought I’d give it another go. Fortunately I was second time lucky, as you can see, and I enjoyed their company for a few minutes before heading inside for lunch.

I’m so grateful for my home and lovely little garden. And for being able to share it with family and friends too.

Have wonderful morning.


Full timelapse video of the patio construction

Bloody rain.

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rainDamn rain.

It almost didn’t stop today since the afternoon. A lot more rain than we’re usually used to. I even commented how I loved it and became romantic with the smell of rain on fresh ground and all that baloney… well NO MORE!

I came home to the sound of drip-dripping from the central air conditioning vent in my study, so I thought it’s rain-soaked AC unit and it needed looked into, especially that the downstairs AC circuit breaker tripped. Didn’t think much else of the situation, maintenance are going to fix it tomorrow.

A few minutes after I sat down to relax I heard another drip-dripping sound, but not from the same area. I find some drops on the back of the sofa! Looking up I see a bloody straight line in the ceiling! What the hell? That could NOT be the AC, no way! It took me a second to realise that it might be a flooded toiled in the room directly above so we ran upstairs to find the room’s floor absolutely flooded! We couldn’t find the source as the flood which did reach the bathroom upstairs didn’t have any patterns of leaking pipes. We investigated further to find that the water has breached through from the attached balcony! The bloody drains of that balcony was blocked and backed up!

Can you believe this stuff?

Arif and I ran downstairs and into the garden. Arif found were the drain outlet was, I opened the box’s plastic cover to find it completely packed with soil! We spent close to 10 minutes digging the box out and finally clearing the drain which was not only packed with sand and soil, but also with roots of nearby plants. Using various tools including a flexible metal rod, Arif managed to clear the blockage. Once that was done, the water came gushing out!

Fortunately not much damage has happened to the upstairs room, but I have no idea how the study will fair. I will wait for a couple of days and see if either the ceiling will need simply repainting, or completely ripped up and changed.

I shudder to think.

The moral of the story? Keep your bloody drains OPEN and FREE.

Bloody rain!


Friday Breakfast – the spread

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Friday Breakfast - the spread

Friday Breakfast – the spread, originally uploaded by malyousif.

We’re so happy to have our eldest daughter Amna back with us for her university summer break. To celebrate (well, and an excuse to pig out too!) we prepared a full Friday Breakfast spread. What you see in this picture is the traditional heart-attack food, and then some. I’ll highlight the dishes and what their called on Flickr, so please click on the picture to view the notes.

The spread includes the local Bahraini (or Iranian) unleavened bread called Khobiz (center), some vegetable samboosa (or samoosa as some call them), cheese samboosa, aloo (deep fried potato dumplings), curried tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, scrambled eggs, curried tomato with scrambled eggs, labna, gaimer (thick cream, we normally eat this with a little salt mixed in, some like it sweet so they mix it with sugar), chick peas and yogurt.

If there is something left of this, I normally get more samboosas than could be inhaled in a single sitting, they keep well in the fridge for several re-visits through the day.

I hope you enjoy your breakfast whatever it and I hope too that you have an excellent Friday and weekend my friends.

Milky tea, part of the Friday breakfast Samboosa shop - Bani Jamra, Bahrain 2 Prepared samboosa, uncooked Khabbaz 2


Black-headed bulbul chicks in their nest

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They were four eggs just a few days ago and today, well, you see for yourselves.

Their mother chose to position the nest in a precarious Y-section made by a few vertical branches of a bougainvillea just by the front door. I think she likes being greeted every time we come back home or leave.

The worry; however, is that the nest has tilted as you can see from the picture. They’re not falling out, yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more chicks do get chucked out by their siblings. I don’t want to interfere, bulbuls are notorious for abandoning their nest if touched by humans, so I’ll just let nature take its course.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.


The Cuttings Border is complete

Cuttings border [before]

Cuttings border

The Cuttings Border

The Cuttings Border, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I was determined to finish this border so I attacked it when I got home from work last night. It took me about 3 hours to finish this new border in which I laid down the irrigation pipe and just a few drip-heads for the banana tree, dig the front of the border and then carefully lay the red-bricks, level the earth in front and behind them then install the white metal fence in its place. I didn’t put a door there as it’s low enough to get in and out of the area if needed.

The main idea behind putting this little fence in the first place – apart from it looking nice – is to get the dogs to think that this is a private area and that they’re not allowed in, considering this border is right next door to their kennel! They’re good like that and get the idea very quickly of what’s private and what’s theirs. Most of the time.

It’s almost ready to receive some seeds and plenty of bulbs. The remaining job is to install the drip heads all along the pipes and that’s it done.

Just imagine what it would look like in 12 weeks’ time or so!