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Any bananas?

Because we have a bunch of baboons in the Parliament.

We have one who wants to chop hands off as a punishment for thieves AND throw them in prison for their troubles, while the other wants to publish names and possibly pictures of “criminals” even before their rite to appeal has been exercised.

No, don’t shake your heads in dispair, it’s time to email these baboons to tell them that we do not agree with them.

Click the pictures to email them:

Shaikh Ali MattarKhalifa Al-Dhahrani

All this when Bahraini law contravenes international law and signed agreements when it treats 15 year olds as adults.


MP wants to chop hands off thieves

Shaikh Ali MattarAn MP wants to chop the hands off thieves, under proposed tough new changes to Bahrain’s penal code.

Shaikh Ali Mattar wants Sharia law applied against people convicted of theft or burglary at private homes or any other premises.

This would mean chopping off a hand and also sending the culprit to prison, MPs heard during parliament’s first regular session yesterday following the spring break.

Thefts are rising and secular law is not strong enough to stop it, said Shaikh Mattar, who introduced the proposal.

Thieves should feel the agony of their victims and this would be a permanent lesson to them, he said.


Terrorist attacks in London

Terrorist attacks in London

A series of bomb blasts on London’s transport network leaves more than 30 dead and scores injured.
BBC In Depth Reports

My condolence and prayers go to the bereaved families, the injured and all who are affected by this madness.

I completely and unequivocally condemn this terrorist act and its inhuman perpetrators, regardless of the religion or ethnic background they belong to.

I got a call this morning from my brother Hani who lives in London who wanted to inform us that he and his family are fine and were not affected. Thank God for that. He usually uses the public transport system to get to his work, he got out just in time.

However others didn’t fair very well, with over 30 dead and countless injured and maimed.

There is no way that this is not a terrorist act, considering the coordination of the seven attacks which seem also to target the public transport system, the very important system that London lives on to transport millions around the city and its environs.

Various organisations have so far claimed responsibility. No doubt we will hear of the animals who did perpetrate this new atrocity. But I think we all can guess who there are.

The way to beat them is not to give in to them, and more democracy and democratic institutions, a complete overhaul of the education system in the Arab and Muslim worlds and the full separation of Mosque and State.

The time is now. We have to get this done. Otherwise we will be completely left behind and will suffer much more at the hands of these terrorists.

My heart and thoughts go to the people of the United Kingdom in this very difficult time.


No More Barriers

The US Consulate in Jeddah has been attacked today with 12 people killed, 3 of which are the attackers themselves from a group of 5. 2 have been apprehended, although injured presumably by gunfire and are in the hands of the authorities.

Our condolences go to the families of the bereaved.

It is yet another example of the barbarity of the followers of Osama bin Laden. Those who call themselves muslim. To me they continue to be soul-less, irreligious animals hell-bent on not only destruction, but with their ardent fervour want the whole world to go back millennia. I’m not prepared to do that in anyone’s name.

That’s not the topic of my post however, what impressed me is this:

Reader Mohammad Amir said the attack appeared to have been carried out by the main gate on the southern side of the US consulate complex.

“A lot of smoke is still coming out from the complex’s main gate and choppers are hovering over the area,” he wrote.

BBC News Website

This is the first time (as far as I can find out) of people filing reports DIRECTLY from the Kingdom unimpeded by the strict Saudi authorities. They filed their reports complete with pictures taken by their digital cameras and/or cameraphones (which are banned in Saudi) and delivered uncensored to its final destination.

Isn’t this fantastic? I applaud the people who did that, but I also fear for their lives and/or livelihood, because as their names have actually been published with their submitted reports in such a high-profile site, I can guarantee you that the Saudi authorities will deal with them even more harshly than it does with terrorists. They probably regard them as even more dangerous as they have “sullied” the name of the Kingdom abroad.

No matter. This is proof positive that (a) we do not need a Ministry of Information in our countries. It’s main purpose of controlling information flow, and propagating state propaganda has long past, this event alone proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt, and (b) that the internet has changed the balance of thinking of the people as a whole, it is quite apparent that the people who submitted their reports have done so through their regular email accounts providing verifiable names that the BBC can track and attribute. This demonstrates that they feel empowered maybe because of their visits to various websites which could be regarded as anti-government, and more importantly is empowering them to speak without fear even of such an ogre as Saudi.


Margaret Hassan

Margaret HassanMargaret has lived in Iraq for 30 years. She’s not only a naturalised Iraqi but has for the last 13 years been directly involved in trying to lift the suffering off her fellow Iraqi people. She has managed the British Councel for some time which means she also brought knowledge into the country and engendered cultural understanding between two peoples.

She has now been abducted by criminal cowards who are using her as a pawn to ask the impossible for her release: get the British troops out of Iraq. As if she (like Bigley and the tens of others who have been brutally killed before her abduction) has the key to effect that change in policy on the part of the British government.

Now do you believe me when I say that ALL of these kidnappings, murders, tortures and humiliation have NOTHING to do with Islam? And that these criminal low-life cowards are simply using the name of Islam to their own selfish cowardly ends?

Islam has nothing to do with these jerks, even the devil himself would spit them out of hell.


It’s a screwed up world

It’s a screwed up world


Islamic leaders in the Middle East yesterday denounced the slaughter of children in Russia as ‘unIslamic’, as commentators asked unusually soul-searching questions about the region and terrorism.

Even the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s biggest Islamic group, condemned the bloody siege in Beslan. Its leader, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, said that kidnappings may be justified but killings are not. He added: ‘What happened is not jihad [holy war] because Islam obligates us to respect the souls of human beings; it is not about taking them away.’

While some Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East have long supported fellow Muslims fighting in Chechnya, such was the barbarity of the hostage takers that few voices spoke in support of the actions in Ossetia. Egypt’s leading Muslim cleric, Grand Sheik Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, was quoted as saying during a Friday sermon: ‘What is the guilt of those children? Why should they be responsible for your conflict with the government? You are taking Islam as a cover and it is a deceptive cover; those who carry out the kidnappings are criminals, not Muslims.’

Ali Abdullah, an Islamic scholar in Bahrain who follows the ultra-conservative Salafi stream of Islam, also condemned the school attack as ‘unIslamic’. However, he insisted Muslims were not involved and revived an old conspiracy theory: ‘I have no doubt that this is the work of the Israelis, who want to tarnish the image of Muslims.’

But the reaction was overwhelmingly filled with revulsion. Abdulrahman al-Rashed wrote an article in the pan-Arab Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper under the headline: ‘The Painful Truth: All World Terrorists are Muslims!’

The Observer
picture credit: Al-Wasat

There is absolutely no justification for kidnapping, killing, torturing, or abusing any human being under any guise, especially religion. Religions do not have anything to do with the barbarity of man or their screwed up interpretations.

But there is a problem and I wonder now if religions are actually the culprit by inciting simple-minded folk to abrogate their God-given logic and just submit to wanton destruction in its name.

We know we have a problem when “learned” scholars who shirk their responsibility to educate and eradicate extremism in all their forms just pass the buck to the “Zionists. This blame on Zionists, Jews, Israelis has become the ultimate joker card in their decks. So rather than questioning and arriving at answers, they seem to be saying “hey bud, this is not our problem” and distance themselves further from truths which are so glaringly obvious it makes the mind boggle.

I know that Zionists, Jews, Israelis just like anyone else on Earth are not without blame, but come on, this is getting ridiculous.

Needless to say, I am disgusted by the events in Beslan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, and other parts of the world. And no, I don’t have an answer.


Nick Berg

Nick Berg

I’m not shocked at all about the manner of Nick Berg’s death. The sub-humans who carried out this crime bring shame on all of humanity, let alone Islam. And the whole of humanity should strike back. These extremists no matter what they call themselves should be dealt with.

If we as Muslims stay quiet about this situation, then we too shall join the ranks of sub-humanity and will be completely culpable.

My heartfelt condolences to Nick’s family and friends. Although this could never be consolation to his family, if there is a definition of martyr, then surely Nick is one.


CONVICTED! First Bahraini MP to be handed a jail sentence

Soon to be ex-MP Sameer Al-Shuwaikh, (the guy I voted for!) was handed a six-month suspended jail sentence yesterday for issuing a dud-cheque. For 158,000 Dinars (US$ 419k). His defence of ignorance and that “he only presented the cheque as a guarantee” were thrown out of court. You ain’t got money, don’t write cheques. Even my 10-year-old son knows that. He probably thought that becoming an MP would shelter him from prosecution, and it did for a while, but his immunity was lifted.

So it looks like we’re going to have to elect another person to represent us quite soon in our area (Northern Governate, Constituency #3, Barbar) , and hope that this time there will be a better choice to pick from.

C’mon Parliament, what are you waiting for, let’s have an election and see if that too is going to be boycotted! What fun!!


Bahraini MP’s immunity lifted

The gentleman I voted for had his immunity temporarily lifted so that he can be “questioned” by the Public Prosecutor for alleged financial irregularities. He is alleged to have bounced cheques worth more than BD 500k ($1.3m). He has so far denied the allegations and will supposedly hold a press conference later on in the week. I am anxious to hear what he has to say on the matter.

It’s very possible that we’ll have to elect another guy for our area if he is convicted. I’m not going to say anything against the guy just yet… let’s see how this particular cookie crumbles.


33,000 petition King Hamad

A petition signed by 33,000 Bahrainis was delivered today to the Royal Court in an attempt to repeal Law by Decree number 56 which had granted impunity from prosecution to a former security officer, accused of abusing human rights.

As far as I know, this petition is not just to try to bring just one person to justice, but I know that there are several others who have taken advantage of their various positions in government previously by abusing people, toruture, killings, embezzlement and blackmail.

I know that “56” also exonerates the opposition as well from their actions during the disturbances that plagued Bahrain in the ’90s, but what is buring rubber tires to having your whole fortune forcebly removed from you on pain of death to you and your family, what is it to using electric drills to puncture holes in a person’s kneecaps and other parts of the body, what is it to a policeman (okay he was high up in the infrastructure) who is around 40 years old owning variuos prime property in Australia among other places, and collecting a fortune estimated at more than BD 60 million (~$160m)?

I personally don’t care about these people’s wealth, what I want to see is them brought to justise as part of the community’s reconciliation. Only after this happens to all who violated the trust of the people, will we be able to live in a new era without fear of persecution, and trust the system that our rights are inviolate protected by law that covers every member of the society equally.