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Killers on the loose

We woke up on the Prophet’s birthday to be shocked that terrorists have attacked civilians in Riyadh, the capital of Islam’s most Holy Places. Now we wait in fear to welcome these bands of Godless animals to Bahrain and the rest of the normally peaceful Arabian Gulf. On the Prophet’s birthday who preached God’s word of peace and love?

29 people dead, more than 200 injured. The dead’s count is set to rise according to sources.

What would it take to get people to see reason? Just what is the value of an attack like this? When will it end? Will this area ever see real peace? Who is to blame?

It has been said that these attacks have been perpetrated by Al-Qaeda members or sympethizers, well who are these people and what is their belief? I don’t think it is the Islam I and billions like me know and follow.