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Video Production Training Course with the Pros

Video Production Training Course with the Pros

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My company, Gulf Broadcast, is running a video production training course in November. I’ll be conducting the training with the help of my GB team. The course is a perfect opportunity for corporate communication officers and executives where they will learn the basics of the craft and will be able to apply the techniques learnt to create their own company videos. Just think of the amount of time and money they will be saving. More importantly, they will gain complete control of their projects and will ensure that their message is never misinterpreted.

If you want to know more about this course, or indeed know of someone or a company that can benefit from it, please help me spread the word. Visit Gulf Broadcast’s Training section for more information.

video-production-training at Gulf Broadcast

Want to take control of your communications
messaging and produce your own videos?

Corporate Video Training Course
by Gulf Broadcast

Master the phases of video production and apply them to any video production project. You will learn the critical aspects of production and delivery of your projects in a right combination of theory and hands-on practice in a course that is led by the experts at Gulf Broadcast.

By the end of this short course, you will learn how to create videos for your website, conduct and film interviews and create training and how-to videos on your own. Register now to book your place.



What unites a country? What unites people? What unites a family? Food, probably, is one of the most uniting factors known to man!

So in celebration of Bahrain and its people, in an attempt to show that we are all really one with the same passions, needs and aspirations. In an attempt to show that what unites us, are actually an awful lot more than what could ever drive us apart, this is a small offering from all of us at Gulf Broadcast, to the great people of Bahrain…

Please come with us on a journey of discovery of the most dextrous and loved of Bahrain cuisine. Follow the story of the simple (or not so simple!) Khobiz from its raw material to the mouth-watering varieties on offer.

Now go and buy a couple of khobiz and share it with a friend, an acquaintance or even a stranger.

Go ahead. Be bold!

Be Bahraini!


The Kittens Dilemma

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The compound our office is in (Bushehri Garden) is inundated with cats. It’s actually swarming with them. So it wasn’t too much of a surprise to hear some squeaks coming from our office garden this morning. Going to investigate, I found these little things…

Question is now, what do we do with them? Wring their necks or feed them?

What do you think?


Amsterdam reflections

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Blackcat, originally uploaded by malyousif.


After a very hectic but immensely satisfying week, I am back home again. It’s good to be with your family and good to sleep in your own bed again.

In the week we’ve been away, we produced two news reports [1·2] which were aired on the same day they were shot, while another 3 are in progress and shall be released soon based on the footage we acquired during the Power-Gen Europe exhibition and conference at the RAI.

It was a nostalgic trip as well. I’ve been going to the RAI to attend the International Broadcasters Convention for years. I just missed the last 2 years due to my changing the business direction of the company. It was good to be back in Amsterdam. It was different this time too, Apart form going to the city centre on the first and last day of the stay there, we spent all the other time near the RAI. An expected thing really as we started work at around 5.30 am and didn’t finish until about 10pm every single day!

Just by chance, while the exhibition was being set up in the RAI, a smaller hall there was hosting a Tattoo Convention. I didn’t require much encouragement to take some time off and visit! I met some very interesting people there. Some even allowed me to take videos of them being tattooed and others pleasantly posed for my photographs. Unfortunately all I had with me then was my iPhone. I know. Ironic, considering what we were commissioned to do in Amsterdam! I’ll finish and post the video once I get some time. Enjoy the pictures for now though…

I am absolutely proud of my crew. Every single one of them pulled an ace out of their hats and worked well under immense pressure and succeeded to deliver fantastic products which exceeded the client’s expectations.

It’s fantastic working with clients who continuously challenge us and allow us to innovate and push the envelope. We’re looking forward to two more international productions with PennWell Corp; Doha and Singapore are coming up in October and November this year. We can’t wait!


The Art of Success

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In this, the last episode of the Bahraini Views series for this season, Nawal Al-Sabbagh takes the seat to talk about her experience in business and how, even after she has lost everything when a partnership failed, she picked up the pieces and started again to create another very well known and successful business.

How did she restart? She turned to her passion for art and launched an art exhibit containing her own paintings. Riding on the sales achieved through that exhibition, she relaunched her business career and started Nawal Flowers, now one of the most successful florists and chocolatier in Bahrain.

Nawal doesn’t come from a trading background. Her family – she says – are really more for being employees rather than employers. What made her tick then and what got her to win the top prize in the Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum’s prize, competing against 120 veritable entries from all over the Middle East?

Watch the episode and come to your own conclusions!

I so look forward to the next season and hope that you’ve enjoyed and benefited from the 26 episodes and the initiative I created with the Economic Development Board who have been courageous enough to back such an endeavour.


Nawaf Saeed, another Bahraini electronic innovator

Nawaf Saeed, another Bahraini electronic innovator

I don’t know why it didn’t really cross my mind that we could have “inventors” in Bahrain. Maybe because we never really hear of them, but they do exist as Nawaf and before him Hessa and Yahya have proven, and I for one am glad to have witnessed these innovative Bahrainis first hand, and have had the opportunity to talk to them one-to-one, albeit for a short time. Still, it fills me with not only hope, but wonder and admiration that they have gone completely against the grain and threw away that shackles of tradition to pursue their dreams and make a success out of their passions.

Nawaf, young though he is, I think is destined to greatness. Just graduating from Bahrain University in IT, he has successfully transformed his study project into a very viable business through which he not only employs 7 full time staff, but also has some 24 other professionals available on his books for ad hoc work as freelancers. The common denominators between them is that they’re all Bahrainis and are all highly skilled in computer programming and various other interconnected tasks.

I’m also glad that there are some initiatives from the private and government sectors which nurtures such talent. Nawaf was one of the winners of Zain Dream initiative. He used the cash received to initiative his company. That cash was augmented by another win, this time from the Bahrain Development Bank which offers Seed Capital grants for new and innovative businesses.

Good luck Nawaf! I’m sure that he will serve as an excellent inspiration for others to pursue their passions.


Pickles! And how they made this guy a lot of money

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This is the very last episode I shot and released in the Bahraini Views initiative which is being broadcast on Bahrain TV today and I must say that it was one of my favourites.

Jehad is really down-to-earth, affable, humble and full of passion for food. My kind of guy 😉

You have to watch the episode yourself and rate it (please) but to brief you on what you’ll be watching, here’s the episode’s description:

Imagine starting a business with just BD20 (US$53) and after a few short years the company you started ranks number 1 in the country, and your products are sought after in the whole region and have become the prizes that people take with them wherever they go… even to Maine in the USA!

If you imagined that those products are to do with food, and are none other than various pickles, sauces and very basic ingredients without which a meal might rightly be classified as boring, then you’ll love to hear the story of this successful and humble Bahraini Entrepreneur.

Jehad has built an empire from his mother’s pickles and sauces recipes, and with his own special additions, he has taken the Bahraini culinary experience to the world through his Muharraq Pickles Factory.


Jaleel Sharaf – Planning for Success

The company you work for suddenly closes but customers still call you wanting their promised projects to be completed. What would you do?

Well Sayed Jaleel Sharaf took on the responsibility to deliver what his erstwhile employer promised, and in the process established one of the most successful ICT groups in Bahrain turning over close to BD4 million a year through a conglomerate of 9 companies catering to the business community from programming through to feasibility studies and real estate.

Sayed Jaleel never lost focus even with so many entities in his portfolio and continue to innovate in every sector. Lately, he won the highly prized Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoom’s prize for the top SME in the Middle East by creating an innovative Arabic content portal catering to the health industry. His passion, vision and drive are not abated.

Winning this prize enthused him even more to follow on from that success to provide more Arabic content for the web, with only 6% of the current content being in the Arabic language, he wants to make a real impact by increasing that meagre ratio as much as he could.


Ammar Al-Aradi

After graduating from the States in Business & Finance and spending 6 years working for one of the top banks in Bahrain going through to managerial level, Ammar felt that he had more to offer and was concerned that his creativity was not being utilised. This drove Ammar to take a courageous decision to leave a secure job and follow his passions: writing, photography and music.

Ammar established a website through which he filled with information about Bahrain, entertainment spots, and other elements he thought would be interesting to both Bahrainis and visitors. He ultimately decided to distill all of this information in a monthly electronic publication he called HalaBahrain and decided to turn it into a self-sustaining project by selling advertising to be published within it. That required a lot of effort on his part to convince prospective advertisers of the efficacy of online advertising in Bahrain. He was successful in doing so and now the magazine (registered with the Ministry of Information & Culture) constitutes one of his sources of income.

The magazine enjoys a monthly readership of 15,000 spread across the world. 60% are from Bahrain, 20% from the Gulf and the rest are from the rest of the world.


The Conscience of Bahrain’s Environment

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How many of you haven’t heard, read or seen the work of Khawla Al-Muannadi?

Like thousands like me, us Bahrainis think that she epitomizes the conscienceless of the Bahraini environment. Through her work, columns and appearances she reminds us of the dying palm groves, the soiled sea, the suffocating mangroves and the urbanization that is threatening indigenous wildlife and their habitat. Her passion alone awakens in us that yearning for times gone by and pushes us to demand that the remaining environment be protected.

Khawla Al-Muhannadi’s journey started with an epiphany in 2000 and has since achieved a lot in the short 10 years to bring environmental awareness to the fore of the public’s consciousness and to even the policymakers’ agendas. She has written many articles, started a children’s school in which the environment is a central theme and campaigned for the environment in various situations in Bahrain.

Her ways and methods raising the awareness of the need to protect the environment has been adopted in many areas of he world. So much so that when they refer to it, they now proudly call Khawla’s method “The Bahraini Environmental Experiment”. This experiment is recognised and lauded in various venues around the world and she and the Environment Friend Society – the society she inaugurated – has been invited to various high level environmental conferences around the world to share their experiences.

The lady is full of passion for the environment, extremely charismatic and a true modern Bahraini leader who is full of zest and a clear love of this country.