Video Production Training Course with the Pros

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My company, Gulf Broadcast, is running a video production training course in November. I’ll be conducting the training with the help of my GB team. The course is a perfect opportunity for corporate communication officers and executives where they will learn the basics of the craft and will be able to apply the techniques learnt to create their own company videos. Just think of the amount of time and money they will be saving. More importantly, they will gain complete control of their projects and will ensure that their message is never misinterpreted.

If you want to know more about this course, or indeed know of someone or a company that can benefit from it, please help me spread the word. Visit Gulf Broadcast’s Training section for more information.

video-production-training at Gulf Broadcast

Want to take control of your communications
messaging and produce your own videos?

Corporate Video Training Course
by Gulf Broadcast

Master the phases of video production and apply them to any video production project. You will learn the critical aspects of production and delivery of your projects in a right combination of theory and hands-on practice in a course that is led by the experts at Gulf Broadcast.

By the end of this short course, you will learn how to create videos for your website, conduct and film interviews and create training and how-to videos on your own. Register now to book your place.

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Video Production Training Course with the Pros