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novel way to travel

novel way to travel, originally uploaded by malyousif. I noticed this truck transporting cement, a commodity that was in extremely short supply in Bahrain only a few days ago, but the novel way that the workers themselves are transported seem to indicate a very short supply of common sense and of course a complete disregard …

Happy May Day

But only to the Bahraini workers. Those who are in the private sector to be exact. Let’s forget those in the public sector, as they are not allowed to form trade unions, they’re unimportant and can’t be counted. Let’s also forget the Asian workers: Indians, Pakistanis, Bengalies, Filipinos and others who we simply don’t want …


Shoes, originally uploaded by malyousif. While most of us are enjoying our weekends, let’s spare a moment to think of those who continue to struggle to eek out a living. Have a wonderful Friday. and I wish all my American friends a very happy Labour Day!