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novel way to travel

novel way to travel, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I noticed this truck transporting cement, a commodity that was in extremely short supply in Bahrain only a few days ago, but the novel way that the workers themselves are transported seem to indicate a very short supply of common sense and of course a complete disregard for the law.

So what’s new?

  • Redbelt
    18 July 2008

    You ended with what was supposed to be my reply.

  • Abu Arron
    21 July 2008

    You don’t understand Mahmood. The objective is to have something soft for the sacks to land on should the truck tip over. Don’t you understand anything about local building values?! 😕

  • mahmood
    21 July 2008

    except that those are 50kg bags of cement they’re sitting on!

  • princess
    22 July 2008

    this is going to be illegal in 2009. The law has not been implemented yet.

  • ArabianMonkey
    24 July 2008

    Come to Jordan – this is a daily visual. It freaks me out. On city streets and rural roads. Sometimes there are kids, whole families, hanging on the edges and wanting to interact with passing traffic. Crazy!! We’re having a rough time implementing our traffic laws here and upgrading our attitude and driving culture. The streets have been taken over by out of control drivers, passengers devoid of common sense and a really ugly temperament by all! It’s sad – we have a high rate of traffic disasters!

  • mahmood
    24 July 2008

    It’s so easy to resolve this situation, really is: all they have to do is enforce the law without distinction.

    You will be surprised at how fast our whole culture could change once that is done.

    But if the only interest of the traffic police is to clear the roads for high officials to stream unhindered through, well, then that’s a different story and one that does give rise to behaviours that you witness in both our countries.

  • Sam
    24 July 2008

    Mahmood should be a good samaritan and send this off to the Traffic Directorate as you’ve just caught someone breaking the law on camera!

    Are citizen arrests allowed in this country? 🙄

  • Sopwith
    25 August 2008

    My God. Do you realise what would happen if ALL the traffic laws were actually enforced? And enforced regardless of who you were, who you knew and what wasta you had?
    Bahrain might actually become a safe place to drive.

    No, I’m dreaming again. I stand as much chance of seeing this as seeing as squadron of flying camels (flying pigs are haram)

    Really though. Why can’t the laws be enforced? It would be nice to think that the judiciary could actually be independent. No chance? Ah, one of the many faces of corruption.

  • Vile
    25 August 2008

    It’s clear you haven’t been to egypt before, that is the ONLY way we transport workers over here. 😐

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