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Parliament didn’t disappoint yesterday by providing credence to the date. They proved without a shadow of the doubt that they are fools who are resolutely dragging the country to the dogs. Without any hint of resolution so far, 40 grown adults who simply cannot work together and whose over-riding reason seems to be to posture, scream, shout and have tantrums and that their individual opinions supersedes all others.

Yes, we do have a problem with the Constitution and with the Parliamentary By-laws. Yes, it is quite evident that the overarching reason for their existence seems to be to propagate sectarianism or at least that facet is at the forefront of their minds in every single action that they do; privately and publicly, which exacerbated the impasse Parliament finds itself at.

They just will not and cannot work together.

I do not believe that the people who have been elected are doing their job. It is somewhat within their power to get things rolling and fix what could be fixed; alas, their idiotic posturing is taking precedence.

Therefore, there is really no need to waste more time to get these morons off their cushy seats and thrown out in the street where they belong; hence, as a Bahraini citizen fully within my rights, I hereby give them the Red Card and invite every single one of you to do the same:

Mahmood Red Carding the Parliament and telling them to resign.




Go to sleep “shaikh”

This is one of the best satirical and a direct punch to the guts piece by Mohammed Al-Othman, the columnist at Al-Wasat newspaper and ends it with exposing a scandal! Whether Bahrainis will do anything about it (if tree of course) is anyone’s guess.. but I personally won’t hold my breath.

I don’t have time to translate it at the moment, so please do peruse Google’s effort for the time being. My intention in bringing this up here is because I want to save it for posterity (and future referral!)

Over to my friend Mohammed Al-Othman:

Columnist Mohammed Al-Othman of the Bahraini Al-Wasat
«إركد يا شيخ»!
في قديم الزمان لا نعرف مرادفاً للفظة شيخ إلا شيخ القبيلة. وهو من تجتمع حوله القبيلة لكي يتسنم الشيخة فيها. وعادةً ما يكون شيخ القبيلة أكثر أبناء القبيلة كرماً وأشرفهم عملاً وأولهم إقداماً في الحروب والملمات… إلخ من أخلاق مناقبية راقية.

اليوم، كل من أطلق لحيته وأخذ من ثوبه أُطلق عليه شيخا! بل تعدى الأمر ذلك؛ إذ بالأمس القريب شهد أحد الإخوة النواب لأحد المرشحين من أبناء جمعيته بأنه شيخ وعالم دين, وقبل أسبوعين فقط، ونظراً لاختلاف في وجهات النظر بشأن تولي امرأة لرئاسة لجنة في البرلمان، انقلب الأخ النائب على صاحبه الذي وصفه بأنه شيخ وعالم دين إلى القول عنه: إنه مجرد «طالب علم»! فرق شاسع يا سعادة النائب بين عالم الدين وطالب العلم! ولكنها المعايير عند «جماعات المصالح» تختلف عما هو متعارف عليه عند جمهور علماء المسلمين! وأنا اتحدى أي عضو من تلك الجماعات يبين لنا ما هي معايير المشيخة لديهم؟!


The Thieving MP

I had to laugh when I read Mohammed Al-Othman‘s column this morning and am left wondering how unpopular he will become now as “the machine” will certainly start turning and he will end up painted all the hues of the rainbow as long as it is black!

Al-Wasat columnist Mohammed Al-Othman

هذا النائب تدرج في اللصوصية؛ فمن لص صغير إلى لص وسط إلى لص كبير… تقاعد من الوظيفة التي عمل بها بعد أن «نشف» ماء بئرها من كثر سرقاته، فلم يغادر كراجاً أو نخيلاً أم تراباً إلا وسرق منه خلة! ختم عمله بالفوز بعقود استثمار – بثمن بخس – لشركات تعود ملكيتها إليه. يتحدث عن المال العام، والعقود التي يصوغها للشركة التي يمتلكها، ترهق موازنة الدولة بشروط تعجيزية، واستنزاف حاد لموارد الدولة التي من المفترض أنه يحميها!

This MP escalated in thieving degrees; from a small thief to a medium one through to a big thief. [He] retired from his job after he dried its well with the number of thefts he perpetrated, as he did not leave a garage or palm grove or sand without steeling something from it no matter how small! His departing gesture at his job was to win investment contracts – at a very low price – which were awarded to companies he owns. He talks about the public purse, and the contracts he wrote won by his own companies with debilitating conditions [for the government to break off only with heavy penalties] and the draining of the state’s funds which he should protect.
read the whole column in Al-Wasat Newspaper

That should set the cat amongst the pigeons! Just watch that whole committee and the rest of the parliament members how run like headless chickens trying to cover their posteriors.

Oh what fun.. the play will start in 4 weeks time but the previews we read in the papers over the last week most certainly makes the long wait worth it!


Shi’a Triple-Play

It’s like the Shi’a “leaders” in Bahrain are aiming for a home run; the bases are pretty loaded now, we just need one more good screw-ball pitch and we’re in!

Brilliant. Well done. Let’s ignore the first two points and concentrate on the third for now. The thing that prompted it is this picture:

Mixed shia and sunna prayer in the Bahraini parliament led by Jassim Al-Saidi, an Islamist Salafi Wahabi MP

The above, my friends is a prayer conducted in parliament led by Jassim Al-Saidi, a known Wahabi extremist and the guys praying behind him are (from L to R) Jawad Fairooz, Ali Salman, Adel Al-Moawdah and I don’t know the fourth person, but from their stances you would know that the first two are Shia while the second are Sunnis. Big deal, right? Actually, it should have been a cause for celebration as it shows that “the leaders” of both communities can actually co-exist and can accept the others; thus, firmly planting the seed of social cohesion and anti-sectarianism.

That’s the theory, but some has seen this event as a total and utter humiliation of the Shi’a! “Why would Ali Salman, the protégé of Isa Qassim – the defacto leader of the Shi’as in Bahrain – pray behind a known sectarian person from the Sunna? This is totally unacceptable, off with his head!”

The Al-Wefaq PR machine was overworked in the few days and weeks following that incident with various talks about that there is nothing wrong with it, etc. It was almost forgotten – well, in Bahrain things like this are never allowed to be forgotten, grudges are held for centuries! It has now resurfaced due to a huge stinker of a brainfart by the ex-labourer-now-member-of-parliament-turbaned-good-for-nothing-guy:

brainfartist MP Hamza Al-Dairy

منتدى الدير: ما هي قصة صلاتكم خلف السعيدي؟

الشيخ: أنا لم أصل خلف السعيدي لحد الآن، وكل واحد يعرف تكليفه، والأمور تقدر بقدرها، وبظروفها الموضوعية، أنا شخصياً أقول هذا هو ما يدعو إليه مذهبنا، هذا ما يدعو إليه أئمتنا صلوات الله عليهم، هذا هو ما يدعو إليه فقهاؤنا، هذا هو ما يراه ويلزم به الإمام رضوان الله تعالى عليه والسيد علي الخامنائي، أنا لا أتهمه بالنصب، لكن أقول إذا كان الشيخ السعيدي ناصبياً فإمام الحرم أكثر نصباً منه، ومع ذلك فالإمام الخميني والسيد الخامنائي يحرمون أن تصلي جماعة في بيتك في مكة والمدينة ويوجبون عليك أن تصلي خلفه.

منتدى الدير: في تصريح سابق للسعيدي لمنتدى الدير عندما سألناه عن إذا كان سيصلي خلف أبرز الرموز الشيعية في البحرين مثل الشيخ عيسى قاسم وذلك من أجل التقارب بين الطائفتين قال بأنه لن يصلي خلفه أبداً ما دام على عقيدته، لماذا دائماً تكون المبادرة من طرفنا نحن؟

النائب: لأننا مأمورون، أئمتنا يأمروننا بكذا، تكليفنا الشرعي يأمرنا بهذا.

منتدى الدير: هل تكليفنا الشرعي يأمرنا بالصلاة خلف النواصب؟

الشيخ حمزة الديري: نعم، نعم، يقول لنا صلوا خلفهم.
منتدى الدير – Google translation

This is beyond disgusting.

Now, as expected, the “wronged” party – Jassim Al-Saidi – has mounted his horse (rightly too I think) in demanding an apology not just for himself, but also for the imams of Mecca and Medina and wants Al-Wefaq – to which Al-Dairy belongs – to issue a statement declaring their position from Al-Dairy’s assertions. But Saidi, true to his reputation takes it even further:

وقال ”إن القول إنني ناصبي وإن أئمة الحرم هم اشد نصبا للعداء مني فهذا قول لا ينبغي السكوت عنه، وهو دعوة صريحة من احد أعضاء اكبر كتلة نيابية إلى التكفير والإرهاب ودعوة صريحة لتكفير الطائفة السنية في البحرين وخارجها وهي دعوة صفوية خبيثة تشبه إلى حد كبير الدعوات التي يطلقها التكفيريون بين حين وآخر في منتدياتهم وأقلامهم المسمومة التي تفرق ولا توحد وتكفر المسلمين من دون وجه حق”ØŒ حسب قوله. وأضاف السعيدي ”أن الديري اليوم لم يقذفني ويتهمني بالكفر ونصب العداء لآل البيت فحسب بل تعدى ذلك بالتطاول على رموز أهل السنة والجماعة وتعدى على أئمة أهل السنة والجماعة، واعتبر أن أهل السنة ينصبون العداء لآل البيت وتعدى بذلك الحدود الوطنية ليجعل القضية على مستوى الوطن الإسلامي، ويقول لهم إن صلاتكم في المسجد الحرام تعتبر صلاة وراء ناصبي، فأين هو من دعوات التهدئة وعدم التكفير وعدم التطاول على العملاء وشيوخ الدين؟ وأين هو من احترام مشاعر المسلمين الذين اتهمهم زورا وبهتانا بأباطيل لا أساس لها من الصحة؟”.
وأكد السعيدي ”أن صلاة الوفاق ورئيسهم ورائي لا ينبغي أن تكون بكل هذه الحساسية، فنحن المسلمين لا يوجد لدينا فرق بأن يؤمنا عربي أو أعجمي أو أسود أو أبيض طالما كان موحدا لله عز وجل لا يشرك به شيئا وأن التحرج الواضح من قبل الوفاق ومناصريها من الصلاة خلفي يدل على البغضاء المخفية في الصدور وعلى الحقد الدفين والكراهية لأهل السنة والجماعة”
الوقت – Google translation

And the spiral will continue with this slug-fest for a few weeks or even months and for tens of years it will be referred to to show “the depth of depravity of the other side” and what do we poor citizens get from this worthless parliament?

BD20 for every citizen which the government hasn’t even approved yet, so we realistically don’t get anything other than to continue to wade through the quagmire of sectarian strife perpetuated and propagated by none other than what we choose to call “our leaders” whom we have put in parliament and whom we pray behind.

We truly deserve the government we get.

The right and proper thing to do now, as far as Al-Wefaq is concerned, is immediately throw Al-Dairy out on his stupid ass. A person like this should not be allowed to represent us. He has damaged the cause of not just Al-Wefaq but the whole Shi’a community worldwide and has amply demonstrated his utter stupidity that Al-Wefaq does not need now.

By his own admission in the interview he classifies his contribution as zero, so Al-Wefaq will not be missing his brain-juice. Throw the stupid twerp OUT. NOW!

nasbi – ناصبي – is a person who declares his hate of the progeny of prophet Mohammed and regards himself as their enemy, which in essence makes the person a heretic. By inference that person also detests the Shi’a and all that entails. A very choice word for an elected member of parliament to use, is it not?


Supercop Escapades, part 1

The benevolent Don Quixote

and we thought that parliamentary work, and being elected, is simple. Hah! No way José! Look at what is expected of you:

You get calls at all hours of the night, even when a concerned citizen spies a drunk public sector worker and expects you to take care of the situation, as you should. So into that brandspankynewlexis you get – with a Don Quixote refrain playing at the back of your mind and race – not stopping at those frivolous red lights, you’re an MP, a representative of the people now – to get to the scene of the crime and have a proper foot-stomping-fist-banging-lung-gutting fit and demand – as is your complete and full right – that the accused submit a blood sample for analysis to determine the quantity he has purportedly imbibed and thus, determine there and then, as a judge, jury and executioner that he be thrown out and as a head of a committee tasked with finding out the transgressions of that public sector, you can now allay any self-guilt and not suffer any insomnia for executing your job as best you could.

Bahraini MP and supercop Mohammed Yousif Yaqoob Al-Mozil - photo credit: Al-Waqt newspaper

Of course, there is that little thing in that book called the constitution which somehow talks about the separation of powers and that this sort of thing might be better done by the judicial authorities, but hey, you’re Don Quixote, not that stupid Sanchez! So it doesn’t apply to you.

Who looks at that book anyway, it’s only good for being used as a doorstop or propping up an unbalanced table or something like that


Conning the con man

آسيوي يستأجر فندقاً بـ 27 ألفاً بشيك مرتجع

أمر رئيس النيابة العامة فهد بونوفل أمس (السبت) بحبس متهم آسيوي، وهو وكيل لأحد الخليجيين، استأجر أحد الفنادق بشيكات مقدمة، وعند حلول موعد الاستحقاق تبين أن تلك الشيكات مرتجعة، وتبلغ قيمة الشيك 27 ألف دينار، وهو عبارة عن قيمة إيجار الفندق لمدة شهر واحد.

وتتلخص القضية في أن أحد الخليجيين استأجر الفندق من مالكه، واتفق الطرفان على تقديم المستأجر إلى المؤجر شيكات مقدمة لمدة معينة، إلا أنه وعند صدور قرار وزارة الإعلام بمنع بيع المشروبات الروحية في بعض الفنادق وغلق الصالات الفنية، وكل الخليجي مدير الفندق وهو آسيوي الجنسية بتوقيع الشيكات، وعند حلول موعد استحقاقها تبين أنها مرتجعة فتقدم صاحب الفندق بشكوى ضد الآسيوي إلا أن النيابة العامة أفرجت عنه في بادئ الأمر بكفالة مالية، وبقدوم الشهر الآخر وحلول موعد استحقاق الشيك الآخر، تجددت الشكوى ضد المتهم الآسيوي، فقررت النيابة العامة حبسه، وتقديمه إلى المحكمة الصغرى الجنائية التي حددت يوم الإثنين المقبل موعداً لأولى جلسات نظر القضية.
الوسط – Ù¦ مايو ٢٠٠٧

This is just too interesting to let go of as it contains all the elements of a cheap novel!

It’s got a gullible protagonist who wants to get rich quick and falls in the honey-pot of the antagonist who is a known con man who convinces him that the best way of doing so is leasing his hotel for a seemingly reasonable figure, especially when you consider the takings of just the booze sale in that sub 5-star establishment which contains everything a prowling sex-tourist is looking for.

Hands are shaken and the protagonist hands over sackfuls of cash in the form of post-dated cheques and assigns a resident hotel manager to ensure that the guests are well taken care of and hence the cash intake continues to flow.

That’s when the antagonist puts his plan into action – probably unbeknown to the protagonist – and stands for public office, one that he is carried on paid shoulders to by resolutely defeating the incumbent.

As the election promises were religious in nature – which is the cheapest sure ticket in the arsenal and one that is readily accepted by the neophyte and paid-for voters – he has hit several nails with one strike of the hammer: He mounted a campaign to clean up his constituency from prostitution and went on the rampage as a vigilante knight-in-not-so-shining-armour and apprehended several hookers and presented them to the police, he filed complaints against some 40 establishments in his area which he claimed are dens of drink and prostitution (his hotel was obviously omitted from that illustrious list) and generally made a fool of himself to the authorities so much so that the ministry of interior slapped him down and told him to mind his own business and that it is the police’s job and not his to go around catching wayward prostitutes.

No mater, he demonstrated his “purity” to his financially encouraged and Islamically correct constituents that he legally no longer operates a hotel in which patrons relax through copious flow of non-Islamically sanctified liquids but gets paid a generous lease for nevertheless.

His hands are clean, conscience non-existent, bank balance remains healthy enough for a pretty nice big black bling of a car (probably several). It is no wonder that this newly elected MP promised to donate all or a large part of his parliamentary salary to the benefit of his newly acquired constituents! When he receives nine times that salary from the lease of the hotel, I understand the generosity.

You would think that the relationship – beneficial as it has proven to be for all involved – would have continued as is, save for one little thing: that Islamic ticket the newly anointed MP was riding. He had to continue to at least appear as a “protector of the faith”, therefore he chose to support and vote for the banning of the sale of alcohol and shutting down of entertainment venues in sub five-star hotels, a decision which will include his hotel obviously.

That was the deal-breaker.

Chasing prostitutes and closing down or at least harassing competing businesses in the area was one thing, it was actually good business, everyone was directed to relax in that there establishment, one that was supposedly ensured by his excellency not to be harassed. But voting to shut down the main source of revenue, uh uh, this cannot be stood for.

That’s when the claws came out and cat-fights ensued.

The protagonist proved to be quite a proficient con man himself. He set up his “joker”. He authorised his resident hotel manager to sign lease cheques on his behalf.

When the investor saw the huge drop in revenue – as no one would want to stay in that dump anyway – he started screaming blue-murder and wanted to cancel the lease agreement. He even filed suit against the antagonist to retrieve what is left of his post-dated cheques, the total of which were about million dollars. So it’s no chicken feed. It’s a hefty sum that would keep the honey flowing for our newly anointed MP.

The investor probably finally realised that trying to get the cheques back were a futile exercise and chasing it through legal channels (in a dry country which takes the tenets of Islamic Shari’a rather seriously) was bound to failure. So what is a guy to do?

Clean up the account and run!

The end of the month came, our guy wanted to get his blingy car filled up with petrol, tried to cash the cheque, and, it bounced!

Oh ho! What to do now? Okay okay, try to solve it amicably and I suspect quite a number of high-decibel conversations took place between the parties concerned, things dragged on and another month came and went and another cheque bounced. The well was definitely running dry(er) so the owner went to the police with the bounced cheques. He wanted his money.

We can’t have that. In Bahrain you would probably receive a more lenient sentence for a heinous crime than for bouncing a cheque. What’s wrong with you? This is money and that takes precedence!

The police has to act, and act they did.

Who signed those cheques?

Bring the bastard in.

And we have another poor Indian rotting in prison for no (total) fault of his own other than probably personal greed and gullibility.

The rest, as you can imagine, would be very interesting to find out over the coming months.

Stay tuned to the saga of conning the con man!


Minister to be interrogated by Al-Wefaq

Bandargate hero Ahmed Attiyatallah to be interrogated by political party

كشفت مصادر مطلعة في كتلة الوفاق النيابية عن أن الكتلة ستتقدم خلال أيام بطلب استجواب وزير شئون مجلس الوزراء الشيخ أحمد بن عطية الله آل خليفة بشأن المخالفات المالية التي أوردها تقرير مثير نشره مستشار حكومي سابق، وأكده تقرير رسمي نشر في الأسبوع الماضي على موقع للإنترنت. وأشارت مصادر في جمعية الوفاق إلى أنه «وبحسب اللائحة الداخلية لمجلس النواب فإن أقل عدد من النواب يمكنه تقديم طلب الاستجواب هو 5 نواب على أن يقدم الطلب للرئيس لعرضه على جدول أعمال أولى الجلسات التي تلي تقديم طلب الاستجواب لإحالته إلى اللجنة المختصة»، موضحة أن «المادة تعني أن تقديم الطلب قبل الثلثاء المقبل يعني أن طلب الاستجواب سيكون على جدول أعمال الجلسة المقبلة».
الوسط :: ٢/٥/٢٠٠٧

Following the “official unofficial” publication of the internal investigation into the Bandargate scandal, Al-Wefaq political society finally found its collective cajones and is considering interrogating the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Court Affairs Ahmed Attiyatallah in parliament to ascertain his involvement into the scandal, especially as he was the one fully featured in the report published by the Gulf Centre for Democratic Development (GCDD).

According to parliament’s bylaws, 5 members need to submit the application for interrogation of a minister and as Al-Wefaq affiliated members in parliament number 18, they should have more than enough to support this application.

What they will do with it – especially as the report above suggests that they will exclusively concentrate on financial irregularities perpetrated by the minister – is a different matter and I anxiously await what and how they will treat the subject. I think they have one single chance at this, so it is critical that they go along a measured and very well studied path for the questioning which might precipitate this cabinet’s dissolution and fall, as if the government wants to avoid this saga, they will have to dissolve the cabinet, much like what happened in Kuwait recently.

We have a saying in Bahrain: “If you don’t steal, there is not need to be afraid.” Based on this, and as Ahmed Attiyatallah has continued to maintain his innocence and did not voluntarily resign from his critical government positions, he should submit to the will of parliament and present himself, head held high of course, to be interrogated.

I’m not holding much hope that anything will come out of this, this is just posturing by Al-Wefaq before the dismal conclusion of their first session in office and they want to appear as heroes to their supporters. It’s just showmanship. Especially when you consider that this demand for interrogation was publicly promised by their leader on TV even before winning the election but all what we’ve witnessed since they came to power is the clamouring and accepting government handouts and looking photogenic in news reports with the country’s leaders.

I’ll be generous; however, and wait without the benefit of baited breath on what will transpire over the next few weeks.


Flying brooms spotted by satanwala

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If you thought that parliaments were created to oversee the executive branch of governments, to ensure that minorities rights are respected and protected, that legislation would only be passed if they were within constitutional bounds and that people’s lives are bettered. Then you would be forgiven for not having the Bahraini parliament in mind!

Why? Because of frivolous and dangerous people seem to congregate there, which would have been fine if it stopped there; however it doesn’t. It goes much further, these people now want to include yet another penalty to the Penal Code based on very opaque criteria which will – if passed – legitimately start yet another witch hunt. Literally.

“If you used a hammer against someone and that person was hurt, you would be punished,” he said.

“So what is the difference if you use magic to harm others?”


He also wants to give the police the power to raid witches’ dens and make arrests if evidence of witchcraft is found.

I haven’t seen the full proposal yet, but I can almost guarantee that it will be as full of malleable language which could be interpreted as anything the prosecutor or police want it to be. If this bill is passed, I can guarantee that the punishment will not take long to be levied against alternative health providers for instance, or pursued by jilted lovers, or even pitting one neighbour against the other, all purporting that the other is involved in witchcraft activities. And let’s not forget satanwala’s favourite subject of labeling rock concerts as devil worshiping gatherings! He’s preparing to having multiple field days!

Much more important than this I think is that this situation yet again demonstrates the inappropriateness of our choice to fill those hallowed seats of parliament. Will we ever learn?


3-for-1, Saidi latest brainfart

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Deputy Dawg, Bahraini MP Jassim Al-Saidi

Yep, our effervescent Deputy Dawg™ is encouraging his fellow MPs to get it on:

An Islamist lawmaker has urged his male peers to take four wives, three Bahraini women and one foreigner, in order to help address the issue of the high number of spinsters in the country.

I’m not sure if he’s also including the lone female MP into the sphere of his advice of course, probably not as with his low opinion of women I wouldn’t be too surprised. Foreign women of course do not get regarded at all by him, they simply do not exist but if they do, they are worth a lot less than locals.

What’s all this in aid of then? What’s the motive for his latest stinker?

Shaikh Jasem Al Saidi, an independent with strong ties to the Salafis in the lower house, said that Bahraini men should not hesitate to wed more than one wife for the sake of the nation.

“We do not want to have spinsters in the country and we do not want a rise in the divorce rate either. Taking more than one wife is the solution, and I advise that the members of the Council of Representatives should set the example,” he said.

But his remarks, uttered in a light tone, drew compassionate opposition from the other 38 men who sit in the 40-member council.

“Please, just speak for yourself,” the Islamist deputy was told by fellow member Hassan Al Dossari, while Latifa Al Gaood, the only woman in the lower council, preferred not to comment.

Al Saidi’s suggestion came after the council could not agree on the merits of extending health privileges to foreign women married to Bahrainis.
Habib Toumi :: Gulf News :: 5 April, ’07

Ah, he’s trying to save the country the money that would have been paid by foreign wives for availing of the local health services.

Thank you sir. Now go back to your cave. And take with you all of those morons who voted for you as well.


Con man – Bahraini style take 2

تأجير المناهل

بعض الإخوة الأعزاء نوابنا الأفاضل .. نراهم يتعاملون مع ديننا الإسلامي بنفس طريقة تعاملهم مع الشؤون السياسية معتقدين بأنه من الممكن لهم تشكيل الدين وما يحلله وما يحرمه حسب ما تمليه عليهم ظروف ( البزنس ) الموجودة في السوق .. يتلاعبون بالحلال والحرام ويكيفونه على المزاج وهم يعلمون بأنهم إن خدعوا الإنسان فلا يمكنهم خداع الرحمن ..

نائب للشعب ومسلم ومصلي للخمسة فروض ومؤدي لجميع المناسك الدينية من صلاة وصيام وزكاة وصدقة ، وهو دائماً ما يعطي صوته ضد المحرمات الدنيوية من شرب للمسكرات ورقص في الملاهي الليلية والنهارية الجهارية مــا يعني أنه ملتزم .. هذا الأخ النائب لديه بناية تجارية حلو ؟ وهذه البناية تقع على شارع حيوي ليلي .. حلو ؟ واستخرج لهذه البناية رخصة لإقامة فندق بثلاث نجوم .. حلو ؟ ومع الفندق رخصة بارات ( آسف يسمونها مناهل ) ورخصة للشكشكة الليلية فكيف يكون هذا حلو ؟ ..

الأخ النائب المسلم استخرج ترخيص ( فقط ) لبيع الخمر والرقص واستلام النقوط في فندقه ، ثم قام بتأجيره إلى مستثمر خليجي ولم يقم هو بالبيع أو بالإدارة والإشراف واستلام الحرام من المال .. بما يعني أن الأمــــوال التي يستلمها مــــن المستــأجر ( المستثمر لفندقه ) حلال زلال ، وإذا كانت هنــاك ( شبهة ) في مال الخمر والرقص فهو منها بريء وسوف يكون مثواه الجنة إن شاء الله .. أما الذي سوف يذهــب إلى النار ويكتوي بالمال فهو المستأجر ..

آنه إللي باط كبدي إنه يتاجر بشغلة ويتبرأ منها ويصوت ضدها في مجلس النواب .. يعني ألحين إللي يصوت في المجلس ضد الحانات والبارات وضد المراقص العربية والكباريهات في البحرين ويطالب بإغلاقها أليس المفروض منه والأحسن له الابتعاد عـــن المتــاجرة فيهـا نهائياً ؟ وإلا شرايكم يا جماعة ؟ ..

طبعاً إحنه لا نتكلم عن المستثمر الخليجي إللي تورط في إستئجار الفندق لاحقاً مع أنه تمصمص من المدخولات العالية سابقاً .. ولكننا بس ننصح الناس إللي عندها بيوت من زجاج بأن لا ترمي بيوت الآخرين بالحجارة والحصى .. الآخرين لو تكسرت بيوتهم فلا من شاف ولا من درى ، لكن النواب عليهم العيون مفتوحة .. فاحذروا ..

Salman bin Sager :: Al-Waqt :: 2 April, ‘2007

Salman bin Sager is calling our attention to a sitting MP who owns a hotel but in order to stand for parliament and appear more acceptable to his voters he got rid of the hotel (temporarily) by leasing it to a Saudi investor. It’s a crappy 2-star hotel but has a bar and a disco and is on a main thoroughfare; hence, is assured of a good income.

What the investor did not bank on; however, is the right honourable MP diligently working within parliament to support the motion to close all bars and discos in hotels of sub-five-star standard. That naturally included the property he leased too! That of course resulted in loss of income and obviously he felt cheated by the good MP and wanted redress. Off to court he went to salvage what is left of his investment.

That investment is – according to another report – is a lease of BD27,000 a month (US$71,400) and he wants to retrieve the post-dated cheques he paid the MP with, 14 of them according to the report which equate to BD378,000 (or about a cool million US). I somehow think that the MP will sit this one out. He’s enjoying parliamentary immunity too much, you see, he can’t be touched, even though that he negated the spirit of the agreement and acted in bad faith, he can’t be touched.

The investor lodged the case against the MP in a Saudi court (which in itself is a brain fart! imagine him explaining to the Shari’a judge that he lost his income because an MP in Bahrain lobbied against bars and discos! I can tell you what that judge will do, probably throw the investor in jail!)

Just so you know, during the run-up to the parliamentary elections I noticed that one candidate was very active in some vigilante activities in apprehending hookers in Hoora and Gudaybia to “clean up the area” he said. The fact that he happens to own a hotel, which, according to the Commercial Registrations records is called the Relax Inn, did not deter him at all. Some have suggested that what he was really doing is getting rid of competition!

I wonder if this is the MP that is implicated in all this?

Anyway, if the MP has any decency, he would not only return those uncashed cheques to the investor, but also compensate him for the breach of trust willingly. He should also change that vice den of his to apartments and rent them to his destitute constituents at a reasonable cost, especially considering the length of time “his people” have been waiting for council housing.

I somehow don’t think that any of these suggestions will happen any time soon.

We deserve the parliament we voted for.