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Breakfast, originally uploaded by malyousif. Rose-ringed parakeets come to our garden every morning for the breakfast we put out to them. They must like it very much and appreciate it as their numbers increased over time. They actually wait on the surrounding trees and make such a racket until one of us gets out and …

Go away!

Rose-ringed parakeets at the water dish, originally uploaded by malyousif. The pair just were not happy with this (female) intruder. I suspect that it is one of their last year’s broods and can’t seem to get rid of her! Have a much peaceful Friday my friends.

Filbert’s walkabout

Hi-res here Away from the doom and gloom encompassing the world at the moment, here’s a moment of lightness for you.. The weather in Bahrain turned to the better since last weekend. It’s still hot and sticky, but at least the wind has picked up a bit, which prompted me to take my pet parakeet …